The best clothes for summer

Of course, we all want to dress nicely regardless of the season.But when it was the early morning of the mercury on the thermometer outside the window rolls from the heat in the head one thought: what will be the day ?!And you start to think, how to dress, so that was nice, and fashionable, and not so hot ?!

And the flax and linen clothes in advertising do not need!And it is easy to explain: the most famous fashion designers around the world have long been creating clothes for the summer season only from natural fabrics - silk, muslin, cotton and, of course, made of linen.And even those who are not interested in high fashion, just know that in the hottest weather for a long time in Russia, put on cotton and linen dresses and sundresses, skirts and trousers.

If we talk about flax and linen, the first mention of it occurs before our era.And, despite the fact that flax is called the birthplace of Egypt, in Russia as early as the fourth century BC flax cultivated almost everywhere, from the eighth century

of it made of fabric and sewed clothes.

Although our ancestors who wore the linen clothes, did not know all of its useful qualities, but in Russian fairy tales and legends of flax attributed miraculous ability to protect from illnesses and diseases, as well as from the evil eye and spoilage.Even the law was passed, according to which for stealing from him punished particularly severely linen or clothing.

So why is so popular linen and glassware?First, the fabric flax hygienic - and it is understandable why county about telling tales!The fact is that the flax fibers have an amazing ability to confront painful microflora activity.If once in hospitals and hospitals for the treatment of skin diseases of flax straw stuffed mattresses, today in the most luxurious spa offering peace purification and renewal of the skin by means of linen fabrics and fibers.

Even those who shy away from shops linen clothes, probably know that the best bedding just flax.And it's so easy to explain!The fact is that in addition to hygiene, flax has another surprising property - linen hygroscopic!It is no coincidence in the hottest days of linen sheets and pillowcases best to save from the heat.And Nightwear - pajamas and shirts, too, it is best to buy from this tissue - they do not stick to the body and allow the skin to breathe.

And, of course, can not do without the linen clothes in summer!It is known that flax fabric breathable and regulate not only heat, but also endowed with a completely amazing insulating properties!If we compare the human body temperature clothed in linen, and normal, it is easy to see the difference by 3-4 degrees less than those who opted for linen dress, pants or a sundress.

And flax has the property to neutralize and absorb odors, so as the material for summer clothing linen are simply irreplaceable!

But we have not listed all the wonderful properties of flax fabrics and flax clothes.You will be interested to know that a dense linen and therefore, clothes from it, literally reflect ultraviolet light.This process is due to the decrease of tension static fields and absorbing ionizing radiation, so the linen dress, pants, skirt or sundress reflect almost the entire solar spectrum.

And, of course, it's worth noting also that the clothes made of flax and does not yellow for a long time retains the form.For it is easy to care for and, of course, nice to wear.

You still do not have the desire to look into the shop, which sells linen garment, and buy yourself something nice, and is necessary in these hot days?Note that in all fashion shows both in Russia and abroad clothes from flax and other natural fibers are given special attention.So, the word that is the best clothes for summer - is clothing made of natural fabrics, it is absolutely true!

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