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What parents reward their children the most incredible nicknames, it is a usual thing.And, the truth, when overwhelmed with love and affection, in the head itself come a variety of words.But some parents go the distance and give her children the amazing names.True, they do not think like children, with names live on.For example ...

Indian names for Brahmatra is the longest name in the world.It consists of 1478 characters!To read it, it takes at least ten minutes.It is a series of fused together the historical place names, names of famous diplomats, theologians, scientists, and God knows what.This name is no one can read ...

little inferior to him Miss Ellen Georgiana S. Ser-Lecco, who was born in 1979 in Montana, USA.The first letter C - is the beginning of its name, which consists of 598 letters.Close call her or just Snououl Oli.

Pablo Picasso is known to all.But not all know the complete set of his first and last name - Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispiano Crispin de la

Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso.Just his name and the names of 93 characters.

In the Spanish village of Huerta del Rey, located in the northern province of Burgos, among its inhabitants only some names can not be found.In the early years of the XIX century with the death of the eldest child in a family in those places it was decided to transfer his name younger and so on to infinity.In addition, in the Huerta del Rey it was full of relatives, who wore the same name.Local authorities decided to reform, to avoid confusion, and birth certificates began assigning children the names of the ancient chronicles.Ravel was no more, but the village was flooded namesakes citizens and senators of ancient Rome For example: Sicily, Geronid, phylogeny and others.

In one of the schools in the city of Honolulu (HI) is studying the girl, first and last name which consists of 102 letters.Here they are: Напу-Амо-Хала-Она-Она-Анека-Вехи-Вехи-Она-Хивеа-Нена-Вава-Кехо-Онка-Кахе-Хеа-Леке-Еа-Она-Ней-Нана-Ниа-Кеко-Оа-Ога-Ван-Ика-Ванао.In Russian it means: "Many beautiful flowers of the mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii in length and width of its fragrance."The girl's name has not been able to record in the class register.

noteworthy names of Soviet (revolutionary) past: Lorierik - "Lenin, the October Revolution, industrialization, electrification, radio and Communism", Uryurvkos - "Hurrah, Jura in Space!" Kukutsapol - "Maize - the queen of fields" Lagshmivara - "Schmidt's camp in the Arctic ", and so on.

«Hello, Two kilograms of rice!", "Hello, Silver Dollar!" - That greet each other when they met two residents Kandhmal district in the Indian state of Orissa.This corner of India holds the championship in the most unusual names that invent parents for their children.Two kilograms of rice - the memory of the heaven-sent gift of the state: it is a measure of rice issued by decision of the authorities for each child born.

Jackson family from Chicago (United States) has branded his five children, calling them: Meningitis, Laryngitis, appendicitis, peritonitis, Tonsillitis.

In the XIX century in France lived a family, deprived of the most common surnames.Instead, she "wore" a set of digits - 1792. A four sons in this family bore the names of months of the year.Thus, in the passport and other documents, it looked as follows: January 1792, February 1792, March 1792 and April 1792. The last representative of this kind of strange, "Mr. March 1792", died in September 1904 year.

In Latin, American parents like to give their children exotic names.A quick preview of Venezuela phonebook reveals names like Taj Mahal Sánchez, Elvis Presley Gomez Morillo, Darwin Lenin Jimenez, even Hitler Yufemio Major.

Among the "masterpieces", invented by the inhabitants of the province of Manabi (Ecuador), there Superkrepky Cement, Cavalcade of Sports, Hard Football Victory Chicken Paw, international conflicts.And in Sweden living baby, whom parents gave unusual, but sonorous name - Oliver Google (in honor of the favorite search engine (Google)

In Italy, a young mother sued her husband for what he gave to their newborn's name without her knowledge.. racehorse while the woman was in the hospital, her husband registered his son as jam Dzhampaulo name of Varenna in Italy named horse, which is considered the country's almost a national hero, and Dzhampaulo -. it is his rider in was a little surprised at check registry office employee, but the father.swore that his wife gave consent to a name for the offspring of history ended in litigation

in our country, in Nizhny Tagil, the parents named their daughter, born on Independence Day, briefly and clearly -.. Russia and in the registry office of the Moscow city Queen recordedunusual name -. Viagra Happy parents driver Nicholas and Anastasia housewife explain their choice for three reasons first of them -. the beauty and originality of the name, and the second - the long-awaited conception of the child contributed to the preparation of the same name, and the third reason - a long-standing love of the group "VIA Gra".