Ice Cream - a favorite dessert

hot summer eat delicious serving of ice cream - an indescribable pleasure.Moreover, the choice is now just a huge - all varieties just do not counted!

What is ice cream, all probably are.This milk, butter, sugar and even air, and along with the air in the ice cream fats perfectly match.The present ice milk 3.5% fat, cream - about 10%, Sundae - already 20%, and animal fat in ice cream - it is excess cholesterol in the blood, that is the path to cardiovascular disease.Even better, consuming ice cream in ohotku, very simple!

So sore throat from eating too much ice cream, is not the biggest danger - two hundred grams of ice cream eaten longer threaten obesity and heart disease, so no adverse consequences for the shape of the heart and can eat only one serving of ice cream a week.

cream color depends on the dye, and the smell - of flavor."Synthetic" ice cream from natural to distinguish between simple: he is too bright color and strong rich smell.In total there are more than sixty fragrances and dyes are

natural very little.So, from the beet powder, ice cream turns pink from beta-carotene - a yellow, from the chlorophyll - green.But this natural dyes do useful cream: beta-carotene and vitamin A beets contain chlorophyll - necessary for metabolism magnesium.

Natural quality ice cream should taste like fresh cream, but the bitter taste indicates that the use margarine and vegetable oil instead of butter.Unpleasant ice cream is due to the structure at a low degree of overrun.This ice melts quickly and as if covered with snow.

This pale cream color and gentle scent.But the "synthetic" may turn out to be harmful for the body.In people suffering from colitis, cholecystitis, dysbiosis, "synthetic" ice-cream can cause so-called lozhnoallergicheskie reaction.From these allergies, they almost do not differ: the same pain in the eyes, and abdominal pain.

buying ice cream, pay attention to the labels on the packaging.The volume of 1 liter, on the box, does not mean that you buy 1 kilogram of this delicious dessert.A liter of ice cream weighs only 540 grams.

sale ice cream must be kept in a container in which the temperature should not be higher than minus 12 degrees, no more than 48 hours.After production at the same temperature, the ice cream can be stored for 5 days.

Bon appetit!