Kiss to the soul and health

What are you thoughts come to mind when the word - a kiss?Yes, the eyes become dreamy, wandering smile on his face.Of course, the kiss given to or received from a loved one - it's incredibly nice!But doctors say that kiss - it is not only the "heavenly pleasure", but also effective against diseases.Imagine exchanging kisses, you also strengthen your health!

So what advantages the health of a kiss?

Plus first: is that kissing is an incentive for the heart - during a kiss to the pulse rate of 110 beats per minute.

Plus Two: kisses - perfect for light training.During the kiss, they begin to work in emergency mode: 60 beats per minute instead of the usual 20, and such a "ventilation" - the best prevention of lung disease.

Plus a third, completely unexpected: kissing - an excellent remedy against tooth decay and periodontal disease as a kiss stimulates the production of saliva, which is better than any chewing gum neutralises the acid attack on teeth.And, besides, a kiss - it is also massage the gums.Plu


fourth and undeniable: the kiss - it is an effective stress management.Prolonged kissing triggers a chain of biochemical reactions, eliminating stress hormones.

Plus Five: kisses - a great exercises for the face.During a kiss skin is better supplied with blood, becomes more elastic, even small wrinkles are smoothed.

Plus Six: Kissing is a very effective analgesic.With the included saliva hormone endorphin passionate kiss can completely get rid of the headache or toothache.For one kiss the body portion is thrown out soothing hormones, exceeding the minimum dose of morphine.

seventh Plus: you can not guess that kissing - is the perfect trainer.Each kiss burns 12 calories.Just a few kisses a day - and a kilogram is gone!

True, these are all the advantages of a kiss, in which you put the soul, a kiss with love, tenderness and passion!So do not kiss just anyone - health it can only hurt!