The value of the letters in the name

Sometimes it is a pity that people do not choose a name for himself.And try to find out what is your name, suddenly what you know, make myself to treat him differently.The name of each letter carries a deeper meaning, each letter is a symbol which may have a certain characteristic.

Influence of the letters in the name differently in power.What matters most is the letter that begins the word, for it is the most audible and repeated more than once.Write your name and select the letters of which it consists.

A - symbol of the beginning, the role of first violin, a dominant position in all circumstances, a thirst for physical and spiritual comfort, creativity, and irrepressible desire for action.

B - soulful romanticism, permanence, strength, punching ability, desire financially secure life.

In - communicate, communicate with the life, unity with nature.The creative person, looking to the future.

T - the desire for knowledge, curiosity, a tendency toward mysticism, accuracy, conscientious attit

ude to everything, for what a person might take.

D - psychic abilities, careful deliberation in decision-making, kindness, compassion, faithfulness and constancy in family life, but sometimes capricious.

E - the desire for self-expression, the need for mutual exchange of ideas, the tendency to mediate in conflict situations, insight, intuitive understanding of the world of secret and unknown, sometimes talkativeness.

E - emotional nature, energetic expression, not always restrained by violent passions, rich inner world, some secrecy, desire as an impulse to action.

3 - strong imagination and intuition, desire to dissociate itself from external reality and live in their own world, in difficult situations detachment from solving problems.

And - high intelligence, vulnerable soul, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness, romance under the mask of indifference.

By - maximalism, stealth nature, the ability to keep everything in himself, including other people's secrets, fortitude, courage, ability to understand people and to penetrate the essence of things.

A - artistry, talent, subtle perception of the world of beauty, openness and generosity, tact in relations with its partners, the desire to fulfill his destiny.

M - caring attitude to your family, the willingness to meet any request, but there are some earthiness, practicality.Love of nature.

H - contradictions and hidden protest against every dictate, prejudice, critical thinking, self-esteem, desire for recognition, vulnerability, creativity, compassion, self-sufficiency, the desire for a high and frustrating, poor health.

About - deep feelings of love for money, economy and reasonable, well developed intuition, a desire to understand the meaning of life and human purpose on this earth.

P - initiative, a lot of ideas, their own view of things, confidence, firmness and conviction, analytical mind, a tendency to generalize.

P - penetrating mind, self-confidence, a sober assessment of the existing reality, decisiveness, ability to act, sometimes unnecessary risk, categorical judgments.

With - common sense, the desire for permanence, strength, relationships, material security, comfort, the ability to go their own way.Authoritativeness, sometimes irritable and quick passing discontent of others.

T - love of truth, perfectionism, categorical judgments, sentimentalism, inability to soberly assess their capabilities.This letter - symbol of the cross, which reminds the owner about the need for resolute action in the implementation of his ideas and the limbs of the human being.

have - developed imagination, generosity, charity, self-improvement, the tendency to open the statements, some utopian ideas.

F - a tendency to feel the center of the universe, to the significance of his personality, originality, fun people to do good, to see them happy, confusion in views on life and the inconsistency of thought, contradictory nature, empty phrase-mongering and love to exaggerate and even lie.

W - opportunism, the ability to use cases and situations, the ability to quickly orient in the situation of settling affairs with the maximum benefit for themselves.

u - commitment, ideology, generosity, generosity, open-mindedness, the ability to rise above the vanity, psychological skills, ability to understand people and help those in need.

E - great ability to learn foreign languages, public speaking, the ability to briefly and clearly express their thoughts, literary talent, curiosity, bordering with curiosity, insinuation, vanity and some posturing.

Yu - love for the social sciences, politics, leadership, eloquence, ability to sacrifice, as well as to violent actions.

I - self-esteem and respect for his personality, charm, equanimity, the ability to attract the sympathy of the people and their faith in their capabilities, the ability to achieve goals and to defend their interests.