6 houseplants for your health

Man is always trying to make your home cozy and comfortable, using various methods.One of them are indoor plants that refresh the interior, enliven the room and pleasing to the eye.

However, this is not all useful properties possessed by plants.Among other things, they have a positive effect on our health, purifying the air, enriching the oxygen room, neutralizing toxins and reducing carbon dioxide levels.

What plants should be preferred, and which ones are most useful, you will learn from this article.


leader among houseplants is the ficus.It is considered the record for clean air.fig Leaves absorbs harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.In addition, ficus literally attracts dust settles from furniture, clothes and even the human body.Also worth noting is that the Ficus has a positive effect on the human psyche, providing a soothing and relaxing effect.

This plant does not require special care, it loves light and moisture, but can grow in partial shade with moderate w


Geranium plant

Next on the list the most useful - it is a geranium.A feature of geraniums can be considered that it is able to normalize blood pressure.Geranium relieves stress, calms and helps to sleep, so it is recommended to put it in the bedroom.

Another good place to put a kitchen geranium.This is due to the fact that this plant is perfectly neutralizes odors and prevents them from spreading throughout the house.It is also believed that neutralises the adverse geranium energy bands in the room.


Not so long ago it became known about the benefits of cactus and its positive impact on the atmosphere in the room.If you want to get the maximum effect, give preference to types of cactus with long needles.

This plant is indispensable in those areas where there is a computer and other equipment, as the cactus is able to reduce harmful air ionization and protect the human body against electromagnetic radiation.It is best to put a cactus at the computer, TV and printer.


This houseplant as dracaena, belonging to the family of the palm, not only decorate the interior and make it notes the exotic, but also clean the air of harmful substances emitted from linoleum, furniture, lacquer, insulation and other synthetic materials.

Dracaena able one day to completely clean and renew the air in the room, defusing it by formaldehyde.Optimum conditions for dracaena are partial shade and moderate watering, so it is not recommended to put it on the windowsill.


Among useful houseplants include aloe, or as it is popularly called, agave.Aloe virtually no impact on the indoor air, but can replace medicine chest.The juice of this plant helps with burns and skin diseases, heals sores and has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, aloe juice is often taken orally to fight chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and intestinal diseases.Aloe stimulates the appetite and has a slight laxative effect.

sansevieriya or "Teschin language»

sansevieriya plant, which is better known under the name "Teschin language" are often kept in the kitchen, as his main ability is to absorb odors.

Well absorbed sansevieriya and exhaust gases, so it is recommended to have and those who live near the road or on the first floor.

In addition, it is one of the most unpretentious in the care of plants, do not require much attention.It is enough to water once every two days, and you can keep both the box and the slaboosveschёnnom room.