The manipulation of people's minds in sects

In the early 90-ies of the last century, our country has become an ideal ground for all sorts of destructive cults, new gurus and manipulators: open borders, the lack of power of any one spiritual organization full of crisis in all spheres of life, including in mattersfaith in that whatsoever.

But a person needs to believe in something - in Christ, Allah, Lenin, Hubbard ... We need ideals, need a goal.As Alexander wrote: "Oh, do not deceive me hard, I delude myself happy."And arose in the hearts of the gap could not be filled.

And all would be well: each chose a scientist at heart, and would have been happy.If it were not for one "but": the manipulation of people.Often the choice - it is just something that people do not leave.

What is - manipulation?

word "manipulation" or "manipulation" comes from the Latin «manipulare», that is translated - "manage".Also, it would seem, is nothing wrong, if managed competently assisting, as implied by the ancient Romans.But what if such action turns into violence


Kara-Murza writes: "Manipulation - this is not violence, but the temptation", implying that a free person, in the end, she chooses the path.As a person who has seen, probably, all the sects of my city, let me disagree with them: techniques used in such organizations do not give a chance to people not versed in them.

What - the sect?

When they say "sect", most people understand by it a religious organization whose doctrine is contrary to the official (or primary) religion of the population.I beg to differ with this.Take Mormon: any Russian person who is not a member of the organization, says that it is a sect.And here in the US state of Utah this belief hold 70% of the population, and accidentally drove Orthodox will be considered sectarian.

I mean by the sect (and sincerely believe that this definition is necessary to include in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), an organization uses to attract its adherents methods of suggestion and mind control.And, to put it simply, manipulation.What is it?

«Bombing love»

greatest, in my opinion, has the power of a technique called "bombing love".Imagining sect, had never been in her person usually draws a terrible picture people-zombies in black hoods on the cemetery at night.But all ingenious much simpler: a beginner will be welcomed in a bright modern building in the heart of successful people happy with such a friendly and gentle smile on his lips, the guest will immediately understand: he waited, like him, he was so excited!And you can not even doubt - he has a lot of friends will appear here, with the most sincere and on the first day.This technique is extremely dangerous to underestimate, because never before in the history of man was not alone, as it is now.

«Step by step»

Another technology called «step by step» (English «Step by Step."): There are clearly defined hierarchy of steps, which may be an adept gradually.No one will say a newcomer: "Take today, we have baptism, and tomorrow give us your money."If the work is staged professionally, even inexperienced in these cases a person may for a long time did not understand, with whom he was dealing.Today, he was invited to the philosophical club tomorrow for a free viewing of the film, and only when he will get in the community friends, to be called to preach.For example, the followers of the Aum Shinrikyo dare to call me himself only after dozens of free seminars on yoga.

Psychological trainings

following techniques can be called "confession."It lies in the widespread promotion of collective prayers, confessions, "psychological training", in which man himself does not notice publicly disclosed.For example, in Dianetics on it built everything.Excessive frankness becomes further serious deterrent to leaving the sects because not all adults secrets accumulated over the life of so innocent.

A significant factor is also the power of group dynamics.It is necessary to have tremendous confidence to contend alone with the majority.However, often it does not come to mind: the herd instinct was not invented by sectarians.

Other manipulate people used in sects

bets and Sexuality.Looking once to Perm Pentecostals, I realized that I had never seen so many in one place attractive appearance of youth of both sexes.Face-control at the position of "greeters" here obviously are not all.

sometimes also placed in the human condition, not allowing him to think and to doubt the word "guru".It is not even closed sects living in separate communities - the worst option.Virtually any such organization conducts field trips, summer camps, training sessions, in which there is no other means of communication, except with other adepts (phones usually want to disable, and it is better not to take), other literature, except issued brochures, other source of information, exceptpastor.Refundable there with glassy eyes and draw a smile from ear to ear.

The limiting factor is the lightning deprivation of love to those who decided to leave the sect.It is well shown in the movie "Two Worlds".Such a drastic shortage of joy and hugs will break-even those who out of the sect have family, friends and work.Those who grew up in this community, have nowhere to go.

Of course, this is not a complete list of used manipulation.For example, somewhere adherents put on a strict diet and deprived of sleep - a weakened organism in the future much easier suggestible.

But the most important thing that I would like to convey to each person, is that all of the above may be nothing to do with religion.Same Hubbard, for example, was originally created school of psychological practices.And only when he banned it because of the unscientific methods used, it is lightning make up your system as a religion.

And the most powerful in the number of manipulations used sect that I know personally, do not say a word about religion, and devoted to psychological trainings ( "Freedom to be yourself" or "Purple").The same applies to the Economic sects: looking at the famous meeting every Amway today, the Avon and Oriflame, anyone can find out there, at least half of these manipulations.And after all, one is enough.In general, a foreign idea can be any: even collectors club caps from beer.Important form of communication, but not the content.

it possible to protect against manipulation?

How to protect against foreign influence?You have to know these techniques, be alert, turning off the brain only in an environment proven and reliable people, and most importantly, be a happy man.Experience shows that with the happy people manipulating flow down like water off a duck, but even on the master of hypnosis can find your guru ...