Festive meal without consequences for the organism

During the holidays and feasts, we look forward to when it will be possible to taste a delicious salad and original, new, delicious dish of meat or fish, as well as sweets or cake.Particularly dangerous for the organism are New Year holidays, as the period of eating high-calorie food falls on the evening and night time.

In addition, these goodies throughout the evening washed down with champagne and other alcoholic beverages.After such stress is not accustomed to such stress the body is in a state of shock, take him out of that help certain tricks.

reasons for overeating

Most causes of overeating during the holidays, rooted in our subconscious.Anticipating the celebration, we do to ourselves indulgences and give relief, especially when adhere to certain diets.Deciding to arrange a feast for the stomach, we gladly absorb large amounts of food, and, as a useful and not so.As a result, the body, loses over a certain time nutrients, trying to make as many stocks, not giving the brain a signal overeating


Another factor leading to overeating, is alcohol.As you know, after drinking alcohol in the body is slightly blunted response, and he is not able to adequately assess the processes occurring in it.In addition, alcohol increases the production of gastric juice, which stimulates hunger, we thirst-calorie and fatty foods, located in the New Year's table.

How to prepare your body for the festive feast

to cause minimal harm to your body during the holidays, you first need to prepare it for the upcoming stress by making some effort for this on himself.The best option is a visit to the gym a few weeks before the planned celebration.This will get rid of a certain number of calories, so their surplus after the holiday will not be so great in comparison with the period when you are not involved in sports.

Also, try to slightly decrease in the diet of fat and carbohydrates and replacing them with vitamins.Do not make it too hard.Gradually add in the menu fruit and vegetables, which will improve the metabolism and accelerate the process of digestion, trapped in the stomach in the New Year's Eve.In no case do not sit on a rigid mono-diet in anticipation of the holidays, as this will lead to the formation of fatty deposits and rapid weight gain after them.

How to restore the body after the holidays

As mentioned earlier, almost any holiday or feast is complete without alcoholic beverages.They, along with high-calorie food, have a devastating effect on the body.After drinking your body will become dehydrated and in need of replenishment fluid reserves.So stock up with mineral water without gas, and drink it as much as you want over the next two days.After rehabilitation, the number drunk per day of water should be kept to 1,5-2l.

Next, it will take your body after the holidays, it is a good rest and a strong, healthy sleep.After spending much time and energy on the night festivities, digesting large amounts of food and combat the effects of alcohol intoxication, the body exhausts and breaks down.Reduced attention and concentration, there is a distraction and forgetfulness, deteriorating general health and well-being.

This is connected not only with overeating and alcohol abuse, but also with the change of sleep.During the holidays, many of us go to bed and wake up at dinner in the evening, that knocks the rhythm of life, and it can not affect the state of the organism.