Caution: phone scammers !

telephones population is growing every day, and at the same dishonest citizens coming up with new ways of obtaining money by means of mobile phones.Many of us must have already been victims of similar phone scam, but, unfortunately, credulity often prevails over vigilance and unwillingness to think - of common sense.

What methods use telephone fraudsters to profit at our expense?Some methods of deception on the phone described in this article.

- One of the most common ways - it is derived from an unknown number with a message about the following text: "Help, translate money to this number, I'll explain later," and called like quite a small amount of one hundred or two hundred rubles.Compassionate citizens did not hesitate to pay money, and some even later will call this number to clarify whether they have reached the destination.

Typically, this number is registered as paid, so that your call will cost quite expensive!

- Another way to lure money - it is a call from a close friend or relative, which

reported serious trouble that can be solved with money.And though all may sound quite convincing, do not hurry to part with their money, and try to contact the person on whose behalf the call is made, and if not, it is best to contact the police.

- It happens that you have received a short and immediately dumped call from an unknown number.Do not rush to call back, thinking that the call was important and necessary.Typically, this number, which are installed on the customer billing value, for example, 1,000 or more per minute rubles.If you missed the correct call, then rest assured - you will call back.

- Recently active calls and messages of congratulations on winning the lottery or in any action.At the same time you are invited to or call, or send a message or add funds for the proposed number, explaining that it is a tax on the gain or payment delivery of the prize.This is an obvious deception - no company never conducts lotteries, which for something you want to pay extra.

However, the above methods have long been familiar, but, nevertheless, are still working, and the naive and gullible citizens regularly replenish wallets of swindlers.But there are also new ways of obtaining money from the population.

- For example, you can receive a call from your mobile operator, in which you will be informed that you took advantage of some operator services or change of tariff plan, not putting it in popularity.And you offer to pay a fine or buy a card express payment, informing the caller number, threatening to turn off the phone.All in all, you need to call the operator and clarify what was going on.Moreover, the call to the operator, as a rule, free of charge.

- Sometimes, the phone comes mailing that you did not order.Following you get an SMS-message that you can refuse mailings by calling or sending a message.You agree and, in the meantime, your account becomes to some amount less.

- Be careful and if you received a message about entering MMS-messages, which you should review by sending a "freeĀ» SMS-ku to the specified number.This message may be anonymous or from some of the cellular operator, or from a friend or even a relative.And, sometimes accompanied by a request message, such as, "be sure to look, and then be offended!"And when you send your SMS, you will lose to his credit a decent amount of money.

- If to you on the street fit nice girl or a decent young man with a polite request to the phone for a moment, as the urgent need to call, and your phone is low, do not rush to provide the service.In this way are crooks who are rapidly gaining on the phone a combination of several numbers to and from your account is debited a certain amount of money.

- often send messages with the offer to subscribe for free to some applications, such as music, games, images, or connect the Internet.The sender's column can be the name of a known cellular operator or a large company.But, after you send a message with the consent of the subscription, no pictures, no toys, no internet ... and no money in your account you will not see!

Be vigilant and careful, do not let yourself be fooled, do not become helpless and gullible victims of telephone scams!Believe me, you always have time to think and reflect, what you offer, and what steps to take the most reasonable.Also, remember that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap!