What is stress ?

«He's stress!" - You can often hear the words of someone of your friends, colleagues, relatives ... It may happen that these words will assign to us.What is - stress?

concept of "stress", as well as the concept of "success", "failure" and "happiness" has a different meaning for different people.The reasons for stress in all different too.Thus, the entrepreneur under constant pressure from customers and employees, and the airport manager knows that a momentary weakening of attention can be catastrophic and hundreds dead.It is exposed to stress and sportsman madly thirsting for victory.Suffering from stress husband watched helplessly as his wife slowly and painfully dying of a serious illness.The list goes on and on.

cited for example the problem of a completely different, but what is interesting: physicians, conducted numerous studies have shown that the human body in all stressful situations react stereotypically, that is, the same biochemical changes, the purpose of which - to cope with the increased


The term "stress" in medicine appeared, thanks to Hans Selye, who gave a definition of this phenomenon: "Stress - have non-specific response of the body to any demand against him."

How does stress?Non-specific response of the body to stress can be expressed in different ways: loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, lack of desire, loss of motivation to achieve, painful facial expression, decreased immunity, etc. ..

Can I be saved fromstress?It is hardly possible to exclude or ignore all reason for stress.Even indifference, and indifference does not help us fully isolated from the influence of the environment on our lives.Yes, and it is difficult to imagine that it will be a life in which there is no place for love, compassion, friendship, reciprocity, etc ..

But protect yourself from the effects of stress is quite possible - a lot depends on the person, on his relation to himself, their health.The most important thing - it is to be able to control themselves and effort.Remember that our forces are not infinite, and so much in time, it is necessary to replenish and restore their stock, rather than spending all until the end, until you fell off.

important to learn how to plan their business, and, be sure to leave time for rest.Without a good vacation or healthy sleep even the most powerful body, sooner or later it will fail, after which there will be only treated.And it is better to do a certain amount of time a little less, than to retire from the system permanently.It is much more useful for the business and health.

Talking about healthy lifestyles and replenishment of forces can not dwell on food.And it is not about promiscuity snack, fast food, and the so-called stress scuffing, and the rational and healthy diet, thanks to which our body gets all the necessary vitamins and substances necessary for normal functioning.

So, learn to be happy.It does not wait for the great joys, successes, victories every day.Sometimes it is enough to see how well the morning to hear the birds singing, happy child's smile to the new forces to take up the case and catch much more than get to work with a bad mood.