Collection Spring-Summer 2015

Mods, seeing his new clothes on a few things and months ahead may have to plan your first spring shopping: on sale a new collection of the famous Italian brand Meucci, timed to the start of the new season.Fine costumes, traditional brand accessories, men's lightweight jacket in the online store for the first walks of March have already been submitted.

Future favorite summer will be blue in all its shades and manifestations: Now timeless Italian classics available not only in monochrome versions, but also in a wide sweeping, but unobtrusive cell.

Particular attention is the designers have paid the invoice, and it has paid off: in the coming year will be fashionable summer men's trousers under the tweed jackets and thin every flax.In contrast play allowed: wear costumes from different parts as a whole, and black patent leather shoes with ease changing to moccasins of soft white leather. pants summer men's white are still relevant, but in addition to the classics, and is ready to accommodate a sho

rtened model gentleman wardrobe for the new season, and even tapering.

Particular attention should be paid to the weightless silk scarves.Despite the lightness of the material, they are able to give the image of manhood, and even share some of the challenges.Goldfinch note: By the way, these scarves perfectly placed in the breast pocket, and the area can be left coquettishly sticking out as advised designers and photographers, to shoot a new lukbuk.

Trousers summer of cotton blend perfectly with satin trim on jackets and coats, silk neckties cool and dense knitted butterflies.Recent designed to remind us of the past cold season and therefore represented in the blue-gray, gray, muted blue tones.But stylish circles, stripes and cheerful speck say that spring and summer promises to be bright.

For those seeking to get away from the classics and forget about stuffy office, jacket male spring appear in several variations.Hybrids jacket and coat, classic silhouettes in new materials, loved all the leather jackets and bomber with an unusual finish is sure to please fans of interesting things.

not attract men's summer pants and white topsaydery?Win-win option - the traditional jeans-pipes, which can also casually tuck.

style and respectability can be emphasized, not only by man's shirt, and update your wardrobe at the expense of fine Italian pullover in a wide strip or colored dots or, say, a brutal rough knitted sweaters with a gradient effect.Fans are waiting for new casual svitshoty longslivy and muted earth tones, as well as possible are able to emphasize the masculinity of their respective owners.

polusportivny mens pants and cozy jackets come in handy for walks in the park and trains for the city: a plurality of pockets, breathable fabric, sleek appearance.

Those who want to show off knowledge of fashion trends, be sure to pay attention to pastel shades.Moved from the female in the male wardrobe, they provide an excellent opportunity to create a perfect ensemble with the chosen dress.Peppermint color and shade of ashen roses are particularly in demand this summer.