Christmas vacation : how to relax , to not be tired ?

They will come very soon - the long-awaited New Year holidays.And this is the time when you start any business, quick Start in any direction.This is the same, not always coming Monday, with which we want to turn the whole world of chaos around you, and heal yet truly fulfilling life.

Whatever you came to do in the first days of the year, it will be your brief concise picture of the year, as the first days of the year spend it, so the whole year will be.Therefore, a sofa and a TV is delete from the list of meetings, select the form of recreation, at which both your shape and your stay will indeed be at the top mark.

This is not a play on words, it is - life.Ten days of your life on which depends not only the script of the year, but also your health, mood and emotional readiness for new feats at work.


Active form of relaxation will help office workers and other people with sedentary activities sip drive, a change of scenery and a strengthened health.If you are not sure that Switzerland wants t

o look at your brand new ski, then it will suit the Ural and Altai.

Baikal not only attracts sunbeams mirrored lakes, and calls to race in the dog sledding race with friends.Visiting Karelia, can and do ride on a reindeer, meet Sage-Finn, and all Gerd found his Kai ...

Sorry, got carried away.What am I doing?Oh yes, about the snow slides.In general, even at his suburban dacha in Buttermilk you yourself will squeak with delight, if successful will travel on carved sledge fluffy tree.


If the work you physical or connected with the constant traveling, active communication, in general, if the adrenaline rush happens every day, you show a peaceful retreat, relaxation and yoga.You can take a ticket to the recreation center, join the pool, go through a set of procedures in SPA-salon.Well, or to wave at the same Buttermilk and flood bathhouse, steam bath birch broom, drink Herbal teas with honey.

new hobby

It means your potential disclosure.Accumulated for the year, a decent pile of schemes embroidery cross, finally finds application.Or what you there the whole year dreaming and secretly rushed to the sites of handicrafts hendmeyda during boring meetings?Basket Weaving, soap-making, handicrafts made of salt dough and patchwork - will realize their dreams!

main thing is not even whether it will further your life's work, and pride from the incarnation of desire in the material world.Of course, important, as they say in Russia, and the process itself!And just nice when you light a scented candle homemade, ispechёte celebratory cake and pull out a cross-linked it from the oven, finally, tack ...


very interesting and informative form of recreation.Will it be a warm country or ski resorts - you choose.You may want to better explore the immense Russia with its rich history, natural landscapes in several climatic zones and a real Russian winter.Then you can ride along the Golden Ring of ancient cities near Moscow, or a silver ring around the northern cities of St. Petersburg, or even go to the Nizhny Novgorod hinterland pochaёvnichat with this Russian matryoshka.

And to the New Year holidays and does turn into an unforgettable tale, stay for the holidays, you can go to Santa Claus in Great Ustyug in Vologda, Kostroma visit the Snow Maiden, Baba-Yaga in Yaroslavl Kukoba.Fairy-tale characters will help you tune in to the holiday wave.

cheerful mood, admiring emotion and positive energy will accompany you for a long time with the correct selection of the New Year bed.

pleasant experiences and this recreation you during the winter holidays!