What - application ( application ) from natural materials ?

What is the application, we have been told - a pictorial technique based on cutting and application of various shapes and fixing them on another material, taken as a background.

Very interesting, beautiful and unusual applications derived from natural materials.In addition to seeds and seed can also use dried leaves, fruits and flowers, cones, straw, grass, poplar fluff, stones and shells.

For background it is recommended to use white construction paper, colored cardboard, velvet paper, sizoflor, lace, birch bark, corn leaves.The choice of background is determined by the natural material, which is against this background that particularly bright "sound".The white paper emphasizes plant outline, color, and shape.Grey and beige cardboard can serve as a background, for example, leaves and grains of corn, which will become part of the same colors.

Sizoflor - extruded fibers of different colors, sold in flower shops.This material is particularly well looks, if secured with glue on the white or colored pap


White Lace and tulle are also the perfect backdrop (they can be purchased in the "Fabrics" stores).. It is recommended to use a white lace with a width of 10 or 15 cm Tulle can be with a different pattern, small or large - most importantly, that it is harmoniously combined with natural material.Hooking tulle and lace, you can glue on colored or white background.

birch bark (elm) - the perfect backdrop for the subject compositions.For base used plywood or thick cardboard, which is glued to the bark.For the preparation of background needed time around the clock to bark entrenched.The use as background and dried corn leaves.They can be fixed with adhesive as a separate cardboard background.At the same time, corn leaves well with birch bark.

Best used in applications of PVA glue, which can be purchased in DIY stores.The paper with adhesive to consider some of its features:

- firstly, glue white, but do not worry if some parts of the application is too much glue.Once it dries, it becomes transparent

- secondly, consistency: the adhesive may be a liquid or dense.In the descriptions of the work on the applications it is recommended to use a PVA glue different consistencies.For example, materials such as bark, acorns, twigs of trees, the fruits of cedar and other plants is better to fix thick with white glue.And if we are talking about the leaves, seeds, beans, wild herbs, preference is given to liquid adhesive.

to work, we need to prepare the natural materials that can be collected throughout the year.A special variety of colors, of course, is different autumn.The leaves of the trees are painted a variety of colors.Maple - purple, oak - copper, chestnut, elm - golden yellow, rowan - orange.

watermelons, melons, pumpkins, squash seeds are unusual, which also come in handy.In the gardens we find autumn flowers, golden-orange cape gooseberry.Winter all hiding under a white blanket, but she, too, will delight us with their gifts.This pine cones, spruce, cedar, which are clearly visible in the snow.Seeds of ash, maple, twigs of trees.

spring growths can be collected (wood mushrooms).These fungi removed with a knife, cutting the built-up edge.Summer rich elm seeds, "spouts" maple.And this is only a small part of the natural materials that can be collected in our climate zone.

And if you come back from exotic countries with a collection of amazing plants, seeds and fruits, they can also be of interest to creative works.The more varied the materials collected, the easier and more convenient to work with them.

How to prepare for the application of natural materials?

1. Leaves of corn, bracken, birch, maple, oak, lilac, linden, chestnut, elm, aspen, and so on. D. You need to sort by shape and size, and to dry.

Fold a piece of paper (a piece of wallpaper, paper) in half, place the leaves inside.As the cargo is good to use a thick book.Alternating books and paper plants, you ensure uniform alignment zasushivanie and leaves - a process that takes several days.When dried leaves of maple, oak, birch, ash, elm retain their original color, although it is less intense.

2. Seeds maple, elm, ash.Seeds Maple "spouts" interconnected and are easily separated from each other.Bright green seeds, dries, becoming beige shade.Seeds of elm round, transparent, with brown midway.Seeds light ash brown, shaped like an elongated droplet.

3. Cones - fruits of conifers - pine, spruce, cedar, fir.If you have collected unopened cones in the forest, then at room temperature for some time they will be opened.Mainly used for bulk cones craft.But because of their "scales" can be done and flat pattern."Flakes" are cut with scissors.The prepared material can be used in the design of applications.They will, for example, on the wings of an owl, the scales from the fish.Hooking "scales" can be clay or PVA glue.

4. Bones, grain, nut shells.Bones watermelon, pumpkin, zucchini, apple, melon thoroughly washed with water and dried on paper.Corn kernels to gently clean off the cob, spread out on a napkin.Within a few days to dry grain, but their color and shape are the same.Apricot, peach, before you wash, be cleaned from the pulp.

Walnut shells quite solid, with a relief surface.If you break a hammer nut, the shell splits into unequal parts.To get two equal halves, use a knife.Attach the opener to the nut and lightly tap it with a hammer.The shell will disintegrate.

shell pistachios has a pleasant cream color and easily breaks.Peanut shell soft enough to cut easily, very light.The shell pine and hazelnut, dark brown, fairly firm.

6. Berries, fruit.Rowan.Rowan berries with bright red and orange-red color, round shape.When the berries are dry, they shrivel and lose their bright color.

Orange.Lemon.The rind of the orange and lemon dries, becomes a darker color and becomes solid.If the orange and lemon cut into slices 0.5 cm thick, dry them in the sun, they harden.Such blanks can be used in applications.

Acorn.Acorns oval, pale beige color.On one side is covered with acorn cup - cupule.Cupule easily detached from the acorn, and it can be used for applications.Chestnut.The fruits of the chestnut shiny, bright brown.

physalis.A perennial plant that is grown in the garden plots.On a stalk located Physalis bright orange "lanterns", inside which there is a dark round berries.Lanterns Physalis, dries to retain their shape and color.

7. Sets "sachets".Such kits can be purchased in flower shops.Usually there are collected exotic seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, possessing a specific odor of incense.Packaged plants in transparent bags or boxes.Plants are selected by color, smell and have a certain name.For example, in the "Apricot" set collected plants with a predominance of orange color and pleasant smell of fruit.The set of "sea air" plants have different shades of blue and blue colors and the faint smell of the sea coast, seaweed.Applications made with elements of exotic plants, will give a special charm to the composition and a pleasant aroma.

Now try to make a small panel, which is perfectly suited to the interior of the kitchen -

Ā«Still life with pineappleĀ»

napkin on the table, the beautiful pineapple, burgundy apple, grapes - and now we face a real picture.

materials for:

- Light orange paper A4

- seeds of elm

- shell pistachios

- burgundy maple leaf

- yellow leaf elm

- green leaves of birch

- greensheet and "noses" maple

- field grass stalks

- straw

- white paper

- hole punch, scissors, PVA glue.


Light orange paper are arranged vertically.Start with applique plane of the table, which will be drawn still life.At the bottom of the sheet, on the diagonal, secure with glue sticks - table.Stems of grass of the field spread out vertically - wall.Details fix glue.

Of white paper cut out a semicircle, on which the edges using a hole punch make circles.Arrange scissors figured circles as the edge of a napkin.Prepared "lace" napkin fix glue on the plane table.Wait until the glue dries.Start

be still life with pineapple image.To elm seeds are most accurately conveys the texture of pineapple, do not rush to lay them on the main background.Of white paper cut oval - the base of pineapple.Carefully smearing glue each seed elm consistently lay it on a white oval.Gradually, all the oval is filled with seeds.Prepared base pineapple fix glue on the main background.The crown of the pineapple make up of "noses" of the maple, which in form resemble green leaves.

to suit the bunch, pistachio shells, which ideally will give color and texture of the grape.But a branch with leaves can be composed of a green maple leaf when cut it into several pieces.All parts are secured with glue on the main background.

now is to prepare the apple image.To do this, cut out circles from the leaves of maple and elm.Big Apple - burgundy maple leaf, small - yellow leaf elm.Details fix glue.Green birch leaves harmoniously complement composition.

Try to make a still life and always attracted to the work of children.Crafts has a great educational value, and work all together is always fun and interesting!