Making toys with their own hands , " Bear "

If you want to take a child's interesting work, show him how to do that's so funny bear.And if you prefer to do crafts with their children, then it certainly will benefit all of you.

Bear is best done from a fleecy fabric: faux fur, long-plush, fluffy flannel any color.If you are going to make a toy out of the bulk material (plush, flannel, flannel), then vykraivaya, add 0.5 cm seam and sew on the wrong side.If you are doing a toy from artificial fur, the seam is not required to add, and sew you only on the wrong side of the edge.

Dress the bear can be for everyone.Make him a collar or bib, you can sew a vest, tie the scarf or hat.

you need:

• Plush (or any fabric of your choice) of a brown color for the head, torso, legs and feet

• plush beige nose

• black beads of average size for the nose and eyes

• board to seal the foot

• wool or padding polyester stuffing.


1. Details of cutting shown in the figure.

cut from brown plush:

- head - 2 pieces

- body - 2 parts

- foot - 4 items

- foot - 4 items.

beige plush need to carve: the nose - 2 pieces.

From skin and make you want to cut: - eyes.

2. Sew color darts and Stitch the two halves of the head together form a crosslinked turn out on the front side.

3. Sew seam "forward needle" ears on the dotted line, so that there has not got wool.

4. Fill the filling head through the hole at the bottom and sew it.

5. Sew the nose and fill it with the filler.

6. Crosslinked and nose stuffed with cotton to sew up his head in the place indicated by the pattern on the dotted line.

7. Sew pairs legs and sew to the body.

8. Stitch foot.Through nezashitye hole, insert the cardboard insole, then loose fill wool foot, sew the hole in the heel and sew them to the lower paws.

9. The tip of the nose can be embroidered with black thread to sew or to nose bead.

10. Sew buttons, eyes.

Now pofantaziruet and dress your bear cub to your liking.