Toys with their own hands : " Giraffe "

All children love toys, and so be sure your child will like as a toy, which he made himself, with your help, of course.Funny giraffe easy to do, and crafts lesson with children is helpful in all respects.

To select a giraffe fabric to skin he had a bright and elegant, for example, with a small printed pattern, but not too colorful (in the box, in the "peas" in the "Gherkin" or flowered - to your taste).And the rest of the materials will need to choose a basic color.

You will need:

- dense fabric with a fine printed pattern to the torso, abdomen, ears, insert between the two halves of the head, the head lining at the muzzle, tail, lower lip, the edge of the lower lip;

- a small piece of red cloth for the language;

- a piece of artificial leather in the color of the base material for the horns and soles;

- cardboard for soles;

- wire (two pieces - each a length of 17 cm and a length of 14 cm in length) to the frame;

- artificial or natural leather in white, blue and black (for a very small piec

e) or two buttons, the appropriate color and size, to the eye;

- wool or padding polyester stuffing.


1. First, from the basic material needed to carve out the following details:

- trunk - 2 pieces;

- abdomen - 2 pieces;

- ears - 4 parts;

- inserting between the two halves of the head - 1 item;

- head - 2 pieces;

- pad on the muzzle - 1 item;

- tail - 1 item;

- lower lip - 1 item;

- the lower lip - 1 piece.

of artificial leather in the color of the base material cut out:

- horns - 4 parts;

- soles - 4 parts.

of red cloth cut out the language (in the form of an oval) - 1 piece.

From cardboard cut out without allowances on the sole joints - 4 parts.

wire cages are manufactured according to the scheme shown in the patterns list.

of white, blue and black leather cut and no allowances need to make eyes.

2. Sew the details tabs in pairs.Allowances to cut corners.Ears turn, fold them in half lengthwise and pin the details of the head in the ground, marked on the pattern.

3. Stitch the forehead to the detail of the head, making the tie-in locations stitch the ears.Head twist, fill filler.

4. Sew the details of language and the edge of the lower lip.Stitch to receive the items second half of the lower lip, turn.

5. pad on the muzzle raise seam "over the edge" to the thread, just pull.Sew the front of the head seam hiding.Bottom sew a hidden stitch the bottom lip.

6. Details Sew abdomen.

7. Abdomen Stitch to detail of the trunk, leaving open the lower sections of the legs.

8. Sew the body on the breast, neck and back, leaving open the upper section of the neck.

9. To Stitch feet soles.Torso twist.Attach the inside parts of the cardboard soles.Paste in the legs and neck frames, fill filler.The opening in the abdomen to sew a hidden stitch.

10. Sew the head to the body of a hidden seam.

11. Detail of the tail at one end over a length of 1 cm "razlohmatit" (that is, if it is possible to remove the crosswise yarns, and if not possible - cut lengthwise into narrow strips).Sew the tail on longitudinal sections and remove using a needle and thread in the following way: to consolidate two or three stitches strong thread to the whole, not razlohmachennom end of the tail and thread the needle in the tail of the ear forward so that it is never pierced tissue.Pull the thread, slowly turn tail.Sew the tail of a hidden seam to the body at the point b.

12. Stitch details horns in pairs.Remove using a needle and thread as well as the tail.Stuff horns filling and sew to head between the ears a hidden seam.

13. Now you need to sew or glue the eyes.