Making toys with their own hands .Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

Winter holidays for children.The weather is not too has to walk, and it gets dark early.Why do not you do crafts with your children, because nothing brings as joint work.Moreover, it is not plain and boring household chores, and the manufacture of toys.

Surely you can find the remains of the house of fabrics, buttons, beads.Any proposed to make the toy is not difficult.You will need a little imagination, perseverance and patience, because you need to not only do something herself, but also to teach your child.

Start with the selection of the right materials.Fabrics using dense, not crumbling: cloth, fine woolen cloth, thick woolly knits.Eyes do from pugovok, beads or dots of felt, suede.To finish, take pieces of fur or fluffy fabrics.Some parts can be cut out of leather, soft plastics, oilcloth.

carefully read the description and tell your child.

Santa Claus Santa Claus

fashioned from old mittens.The upper part of mittens fill with cotton or foam, leaving the center of the hole for the index fin

ger.Single Handle toys will thumb mittens.To cut the other handles in the right place and Sew a small hole to cut off the finger of a second mittens.If the second no mittens, tie a hook finger in a circle (Fig. 1).

Arrange head.To affix the appropriate person by the color of a piece of fabric and make the buttons of the eyes and nose (Fig. 2).

Stick pieces of fur mustache and beard.Wear a Santa Claus.


most important thing - the right to make a Snow Maiden head.To pick up the basics of its right under the form of a plastic jar medicine ball or a box of "Kinder Surprise".At the bottom of the base make a hole for the index finger.Obtyanite or knitted foundation cloth (Fig. 1).

Arrange toys head: make eyes, put on her hat and glue the hair of loose woolen thread (Figure 2.).

second part of the toy - coat - made of a rectangular piece of thick fabric, cloth or thick knitwear.The upper edge collect coats on a thread and pull.Sew it to the head.Seam close the narrow ribbon (Fig. 3).

On each side of the coat make slits for fingers - handles.Decorate suit Snow Maiden braid and sparkles.

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, you can easily learn to move and bow down, if you wear a mitten on the hand.In this case the index finger should enter the hole in the head, and the two adjacent knobs will be your living dolls.

Donning made toys on hand, you can play the play with the children is not worse than the present puppet theater.