Make toys with children : snowman

during childhood vacations our children are often left to themselves, because the free time they have plenty, and the responsibilities and concerns as opposed to adults, almost none.Parents should remember that children must always be something to take and carry away, so they do not become engaged in all sorts of unnecessary things, because our kids love to play pranks.

Spend time with your own child, in addition to the opportunity to develop his talents, you will simple crafts for children.Choose from a myriad of crafts in this section something suitable and safely get to work with your own child.

we describe in this article about how to make toys with their own hands, or rather, how to sew a cheerful snowman with your child.

How to make a snowman

In order to make such cheerful snowmen, you need :

• Children's tights or stockings white;

• millet or other cereal;

• Funny colored socks;

• Rod orange pencil;

• cords, ribbons and buttons for decoration;

• Needles and thread.

To start from the white socks cut off the top of the foot and gum, if you white pantyhose, then you need to cut off the entire upper part, as neither foot nor the upper part, we no longer need.We obtain as a result of two rolls of white cloth.

These same cylinders for our snowmen are the most important part - the body.Wrenched the future body of a snowman inside out, and tying the top of the rope.Tie a must tightly to subsequently millet did not wake up.

now to turn out the body of our snowman back and fill it with filler, millet or other grains, which we have prepared in advance.

The top of the snowman as bandages with tape or rope.Remember that you need to fasten tightly to the filler did not wake up.

make clothing for a snowman

Well, that's the base or body of the snowman is ready, and you can start the fun - to dress up our snowman.For this we need pre-cooked colored socks.Colored socks cut so as to separate the heel, which we subsequently did not need.

sock feet get a nice sweater for a snowman, and from the top of the cap can be made.How will the clothing for a snowman, depends only on your imagination.

You can sew the back buttons of various, ribbons or other decorations.When

sweater and cap will be ready, you can dress up a snowman.

And the final touch - a sew snowman eyes, which you can use the buttons.

And as the spout, as mentioned earlier, use the rod orange pencil

Here is such a cheerful snegovichok get you.And, you see, to make it a snap - on forces even young children, if you can help it!