Napkins for plates and dishes

To make ordinary table napkins, do not require special skills.Colored towels add the finishing touch, which is required for dinner in the kitchen.For tissue choose the fabric, which is well washed and ironed.Plaid fabrics are available in a large variety and contrast well with other patterns and self-colored fabrics,

napkins for breakfast should be square with sides not less than 35 cm. Since the width of most tissues is 130-135 cm, width can be cut out three napkins.

Dinner napkins should be of a size not less than 50 x 50 cm, so it is not as economical CROI.Allowance is made but the edges of 3 cm and napkins filed by car or small hand stitches.

Fabrics with patterns on napkins require the simplest hem and do not require special finishing details, if you select the style mix of bright colors and patterns.Well look classic combination of blue and white and yellow and white with floral stitching around the edges.You can make yarkogolubuyu stitching embroidery on yellow and white napkin and put it on

a blue and white tablecloth with yellow stitching around the edge.

Fan the edges of napkins in the fringes to give it a "country" style.To produce such a napkin should pave the zigzag stitch at a distance of 3 cm from the edge.Then, stretch cloth and pin the pins on the smooth surface and dissolve the tissue in the fringe, pulling on one thread at a time, one by one on all sides.If after washing a thread fringe tangled, gently comb it.

napkins Napkins Sets

so easy to make, that there can be no excuse to not have a set of six or eight napkins combined or complementary colors.If you still sew a tablecloth, napkins, and so-sew it.You can make several sets of napkins, connect them with tape or cord and present as a nice gift.

Whatever the tablecloth or table surface underneath, if put on the table devices, this place attracts attention.How nice and looks appetizing plate of homemade soup, if it is a beautiful bright cloth.

To sew these napkins try to buy quilted fabric, but if you can not find something suitable, quilted fabric themselves.To determine the optimal size of napkins, set on the table instruments and placed underneath them paper towels of different sizes.Interesting beautiful lining is very suitable for a napkin, but try to make it as good erased as the napkin itself.

Manufacturing wipes

1. cutting of the fabric under the napkin so that the image was located in the middle, even if it is a cell or strip.Cut a long strip of contrasting fabric for the border around the edges of cloth width of 8 cm to 2.5 cm wide border. Pin edging detail on the front side of the napkins, departing at 1 cm from the edges.Stop pin detail at a distance of 2.5 cm from the corner.

2. Fold the corner piece rims back at an angle of 45 ┬░ and keep pinning on the adjacent side.Repeat this step on the other corners.Purely connect the ends of the fringe,

3. Priutyuzhte rim to the napkin and stitched on the machine on rasstoya┬Čnii 1.5 cm from the edge.Stop the car at every corner and fasten the line.Start line on the other side of the valve is formed by inserting a needle of the machine right at the last line of the previous puncture.

4. detail fringe then iron from the front to the side of the napkin, decorated corners "envelope" and tighten the rim of the edge swipe.

Try to do everything carefully and do not leave thick seams.

5. trimmed corners on the wrong side of "envelope" and tuck 1.5 cm to close the cuts.Sew hem blind stitch to the line pritachivaniya border.Sew small stitches, so that the hem there are no gaps and that the stitching seam was as strong as possible.

set of napkins will decorate your dining table, make it elegant and bright.

If you have enough fabric, make a small tablecloth, then you'll have a spectacular set of table linen.