Applications with rhinestones

Rhinestones, this glass imitations of natural stones.They are manufactured with the highest quality that can decorate any outfit.Especially because the fashion for clothes with rhinestones fails.This is especially true of the youth and children's fashion, but also evening and fancy things.

But you yourself can decorate with rhinestones their belongings.You just need to buy in the store rhinestones garment accessories, choose the appropriate image, and spend a little time on their sticking.

The easiest way to use the existing thermo with crystals, you can even create one whole song.Hot-melt adhesive on the back of rhinestones are well connected with any fabrics, other than a very smooth, glossy surface.

Before you begin, make sure that the laundered clothes without the use of special tools, such as a conditioner.Before gluing applications on the fabric you need to pick up the temperature of the tissue by sticking experiments with test patterns.

To correctly paste applications, you need to follow the

sequence of operations.

1. Remove the back of the drawing paper.You are free to change the pattern, using tweezers.

2. Lay out your clothes on an ironing board, determine a place for drawing and place the applique with a pattern to the desired location on the sticky side of the fabric.

3. Turn the fabric face down pattern.Cover with a thin cloth.If the pattern is made up of elements of different heights, put a soft cloth pattern to higher elements drowned in it.

4. Set the iron to a position between the "cotton" - "wool".Turn off the "hydration" mode, press the iron and do not move.Approximate time: seersucker - 5-15 seconds, dense fabric - 20-30 seconds.

5. If the fabric is thick, repeat this procedure from the front to allow the glue to penetrate well into the fabric.The procedure of gluing can only be done from the front side, if all elements of the application of the same height.

6. Allow to cool.Then you can carefully remove the film from the picture.If any drawing elements remain on a film, using tweezers, place them in the right place and try pasting in this place.

7. It is recommended to remove the remnants of adhesive tape adhesive on top of the elements a cloth soaked in mineral sprits.

you can wash your clothes in the washing machine, dry-clean, but it is recommended to iron only inside out.

applique with crystals you can decorate T-shirts and sweaters, handbags and even shoes.Well, they will look at the jeans, and comfortable, but had lost the freshness of thing again become trendy and loved.