The box for " Bow " little things : crafts for home in decoupage technique

cold season just around the corner, and we begin to clean up the summer clothes in storage.And how often we lack the capacities for small things.The perfect solution for the storage of items - cardboard boxes.Not too aesthetic, you say?Turn plain boxes is now home decoration in your power - you need a little time and imagination.

You will need:

• cardboard box with a lid

• ply paper wipes: with the image of a bow and a bouquet of roses;

• ply paper salfetkis image bow and bouquets

• glue or decoupage glue PVA

• Acrylic varnish colorless

• 1

scissors • Brush glue and varnish.


Locate decoration on the lid and the side walls of the box.Be sure to check if the decor fit on the surface.Move the motifs on the surface, to achieve the most advantageous position of decor.When the resulting image you are satisfied, mark the position of the motives, putting a few obscure points on the surface of the pencil.

Identify the reasons that you have to cut, and cut out the motifs along the cont

our.Separate the top layer of paint.

attach motives to the surface to be decorated in order to verify the accuracy of their location.

Wipe the box with a damp soft cloth.Attach to the marked location largest motive.In our case it is the bow.Spread a little tune and press it to the surface.

Dial on a flat synthetic brush for decoupage glue and put it on the center of the bow.Moving the brush from the center to the edges of the bow stick to the base.

Glue to the base of the belt extending from the bow.Brush should move from the bow to the end of the tape.Alternately stick floral motifs, making the movement of the brush from the center to the edges.

Apply a thin layer of the surface of the box of a colorless acrylic paint and let dry composition.Repeat as many times covering completely prosushivaya each of the layers.

adhered motifs, which consist of several parts of different shapes can be directly pasted motif sequentially glue wetting each of the parts, and it can be cut along the contour of the individual parts and to combine in the gluing process.