How to make a " Valentine " with his own hands

Since as early as 1800, it was serial production valentines, they have become an integral part of the holiday, and now the Valentine day valentines shops just overwhelmed with many different colors and sizes, from the smallest to the real masterpieces.But how nice to get Valentine , made with his own hands, and with all my heart.

To do this, take the red paper, folded in half and cut out the heart, which then will be possible to decorate or draw a heart on plain white paper, cut and paint it to your liking.

And you can take the paper in two colors, cut two squares, pre inflicting on them-circuit arc to cut the excess paper along the arc, and the rectangular portion cut into strips.Then put the two parts against each other and notched strips twist.It turns out a great Valentine, which you can safely give your loved one or a good friend.

valentines set of options - for sure you will come up with themselves.To produce Valentine can use beads and rhinestones, sequins and pieces of fabric.You can sew

a red velvet heart with attachment piece of paper with a gentle loving recognition.

One option would be a beautiful Valentine card decorated with a variety of different sized hearts cut out of red velvet paper of different colors.Then the hearts need to be stuck on a folded sheet of construction paper and write the words of congratulations.

can use gift wrapping (cut hearts), stickers, greeting cards for Valentine manufacturing - most importantly, that all this will you do with love and a desire to bring joy to the person to whom it is intended.

In general, you should know that any gift in Valentine's Day, be it a souvenir or flowers, will not have a proper value without valentines, small cards in shape of a heart.

Those who spends most of the day away from their half, Acquires "Valentino" (the so-called souvenirs for loved ones).They need to be expanded in the pockets to the beloved all day they ran.

Love mail has been around for a long time.For several centuries, European girls write their names on pieces of paper, put them in a drawer, and then take out the young man out leaf, choosing a mate for the whole year.

Modern love mail is somewhat different from what it was before.Now a couple of year, of course, do not choose, but to send a message half - please.

Valentine's Day can be easily recognized in love, and not necessarily to say - just send a Valentine elect (beloved).You can even without their initials - and so all will be clear.Most of Valentine has no return address.It adds mystery.However, the recipients then have to look for the unknown messenger.

Signed by Valentine traditionally "Your Valentine" or "Your Valentine."Beloved should receive an anonymous message and write it can be left-handed or right to left, so that the recipient guessing who love him.Guess probably need heart.

Basically this post are those who hesitate to openly admit his feelings, and those who want to intrigue your potential mate.Any e-mail, there is a valentine, but how and what to say about their feelings to the addressee?What is usually written in a Valentine?

If the pair has already formed, then write each other a few gentle and warm words valentine is not difficult, but what about those who are just looking forward to a long-awaited meeting?Of course, some are showing ingenuity, especially young girls, who themselves write poems, embroider the names of their loved ones on the cushions and napkins, make cookies, hearts and cut cards in the shape of hearts, where and write poems of his own.

general in valentine can write not only poetry, but also the wishes of his short, it can be humorous.Of course, now you can buy a Valentine with a ready-congratulation, but still pleasant when greeting written by hand in their own words.This can be either a few lines or a whole essay on the topic.Poetry can be very diverse, important only that they clearly convey feelings messenger.