knitted cushion

If you want to decorate your apartment beautiful and original pillows, and maybe just take a nice crafts, offer to link volume "live" of yarn remnants of roses that are sure to store in your "storerooms".

This needlework is very pleasant, because the rose is in your hands "bloom" immediately, since they are made of thick yarn thick hook for a very simple scheme.

can do and rectangular pillow with small roses - the size of 40 x 60 cm upper part of the pillow is made up of 42 pieces, made a hook number 3 from the remnants of woolen yarn (white, yellow, green, blue and black)..Each fragment 10-15 g necessary depending on the yarn quality.

Vyvyazyvanie fragment start from the center, with a chain of 12 aerial loops.Their short polustolbikom - Get the 1st round.

2nd Round - 4 of 4 chain stitches, fixed polustolbikami on the circle through the 2 chain loop.Next knit scheme 4 rose petals (Scheme one petal shown).

After the 7th round knit green leaves, vy¬polnyaya from the top of the petal roses on a 4 col

umn nakida and between 1 vozdush¬noy loop and 2 column without nakida between the petals (lowest point).Across the circle from the column to column with nakida without nakida vyvyazyvayut 2 air loop, the 9th circle - nakida columns with black yarn.

To ensure that all fragments of the same size, the crane ready fragment tears moistened with cold water and pushed onto the template.It is made as follows: the square on the board is drawn the correct size and pierce 8 small studs at the corners of the square and in the middle of each side.Wet fragment, rosettes up, pushed onto the studs and, after it dries, remove.Next, use the template for the next track.

Finished pieces of interconnected bars without nakida of blue yarn: first in 6 pieces band (short side of the pillow cases) - only 7 bands and then connect them to each other.

lower part of the pillow is better to make woolen blue or black.