denim time that can be made from old jeans with his hands

Our whole life - jeans!Judge for yourself: first unitard sandbox - denim, high school years - in denim jackets and trousers that as we grow altered caring mother in shorts and vests, jeans, skinny, close-fitting zhaketiki with rivets, tops, sundresses for existing students...

and now we consider clothing made of denim is very convenient for travel and garden, as well as in everyday life.But initially trousers jeans were created for the gold miners, cowboys and farmers!

very same denim was invented much earlier in Genoa - hence its name - Jeans, and then it made in the town of de Nimes - hence the second name.

No wonder - the strength (twill weave), natural (cotton) and attractiveness (diagonal scar) tissue jeans erected on a pedestal of perfection.

for design

Ideas Many designers today create a collection of clothing made of denim.Among them are well-known brands Levi's, Diesel, Guess, etc.And our young designers, many of whom are talented, such as Maria Shikhova.

today and we are going to

"design" of old jeans.Denim has the ability to be worn for a long time that a woman is totally unacceptable.In the sense that I want every season something new.We buy more and more (almost no different from the old ones), and Storage of the bottomless (if!) Spaces of the cabinet.

Before you go to the store, count how many things you have jeans.You'll be surprised!Let us transform old clothes into new ones.

Instrumental Orchestra

First you need to prepare the necessary tools.Flutes, drums, violin and double bass - whatever you prefer.Put your favorite CD to play (this is for the creative energy of the tide).Now we shall understand with sewing tools.

When making simple things just need a pair of scissors, needles, thread and tape measure.Well, if you combine this set: the seam ripper to tissue (easy to work with seams), thimble (useful for stitching tight places) and safety pins - can be fixed webbing and sewing, not namёtyvaya (Oh, these lazy readers!).

important tool in jeans alterations - Iron with steam humidifier.Especially when performing complex elements.This - a little later.Well, if you are familiar with the pattern and sewing machine - stylish things out of denim for the new season are guaranteed.The main desire!

Spring Update

1. Short trousers with stripes.Cut the desired length trousers, buckle (. Or finely "shred" edge In this case, you need to wash the jeans in the machine - rolled edge mahrushkami).Then select the material for the stripes.This may be a braid, embroidery, lace or decorative elastic.

2. From severed leg can build a nice topic, sheathing lace bottom and armholes as straps.You can connect translucent shelves and insert giving topu sexuality.In this case, take care to match the colors of the bra lace.

3. Denim vest in the popular ethnostyle obtained from the boring jackets by cutting the sleeves and tabbing for armholes on both shelves of various bands of lace.

4. Commonplace shorts obtained if you cut it short leg.But if "very shorter", and even on the sides of embroidered lace ... What mother would resent displeasure (as if she did not go well).

5. Well, if outraged husband, then I will do to start a skirt-shorts (which is essentially the same "very shorter", not immediately apparent).Compromise: husband draws on your jeans, the length of which he considers acceptable, you paint that you like.Cut off by her husband's line, their sewn (in order to then have not gone beyond that line).And cut lengthwise into strips of the difference between your lines (see. Figure)

"Steep rework"

proceed to more complex.That is a finer blade cut denim items.

1. For example, in circles of different diameters, which are then decomposed by either the pattern (in this embodiment: the bell-skirt) and sewn in the areas of contact.Then on the edge of the product pritachivaetsya so-called bottom - the band of the same denim.

2. pants-pipes with transverse inserts.Can denim same texture, but of a different color, or vice versa, the same color of the same order of cotton and linen (corduroy, teak, linen).Try to keep the density were the same, otherwise the product will be extended after washing.

3. And studying tips for beginners, you can make any product, be it denim raincoat, or zip dress.

Tips for Beginners

Firstly, to carefully sew on a typewriter denim pieces need thicker needle (№№ 80-120).For stitching seams also have a dedicated stand legs.

Second, buy a good iron and humidifier.Every seam is necessary to level the plane, then to the product is not deformed.

Third, stock up on accessories: buttons, rivets, buckles, zippers.The denim products is playing a significant role.

One last tip: if the product turned out defective, do not worry - jeans is easy to fix.To do this, there are all sorts of applications, patches, decorative cords.You can even sew ribbons, turning the defects in juicy Thing.

So time goes denim.Let's take things denim in the depths of the cabinet.