Knitted plaid as a gift

Beautiful warm blanket can be a wonderful gift for a parent or friend.But made in the colors of your interior, plaid looks so comfortable, that I want to wrap himself in it.Whether for your home or for a gift of comfort, a blanket is to try to do.

for producing such a rug you will not need much skill or materials.You can use the remnants of thread or the old knitted things.But for combining colors pick up the thread in tone to the rest of the color scheme.

plaid squares made on the spokes number 4 from cotton yarn garter stitch (all ranks - face loops).square size 20 x 20 cm Width plaid -. 5 squares, the length - 7 squares (Fig. 33).

begin knitting with two loops, and then at the end of each row is added one loop until the web does not become a width of 27 cm. After that, the end of each row must diminish one loop, and when the spoke remain two loops their pulled one byand the other thread is terminated.Square tied one row of columns without nakida dark thread (hook № 3,5).

«utyuzhat" squares as fol

lows: on a wooden board draw the square of equal size connected at the corners hammer in nails long, pierced them through the board, flip it, and one by one, as they are ready to prick the nails slightly damp squares.The treated squares

interconnected columns nakida without (dark strand) in the first strip of five squares (plaid width), and then the band - into a single sheet.Black squares as desired can be decorated with bouquets of flowers knitted or embroidered.

plaid fabric and knitted squares

options knitting a lot of blankets.And of course you can come up with your own picture.

You can make a combined plaid, adding the squares of the appropriate color on the fabric.It also looks very nice and will take half the time.

Part squares measuring 20 x 20 cm are cut from a thin drape the rest linked from woolen yarn on the needles number 3,5.Knitted squares processed as described above.

Connect ready squares so that the edges of the product formed by the teeth.Between them is inserted into triangles of drape: a square of fabric folded in half diagonally.

All squares are interconnected columns without nakida.

plaid size of the finished product 140 x 180 cm. Fringe length of 7-8 cm.