The lady checked baggage : what can be done from the old jeans with his hands

So the lady checked baggage: sofa, bag, bag, several bags, cushions, a hammock, a table lamp and all kinds of garden accessories ... And all of jeans.

People on the platform stood, open-mouthed.The lady contentedly shut denim notebook, kissed the cheek of surprised, speechless ... my husband, and with the words: "Hooray, we're going to the country!" And disappeared into the car.What?No wonder!After all, she did it all!From old jeans ...

And this story began with that same notebook.

Denim tale

Got somehow young lady in the shop is very handy notepad, but the crust was too shaky."Oh, where we did not disappear - the lady thought - maybe something to come up."Bought.Not in vain.Houses made of old jeans carved it in the form notebook cover, adding to the hem.And with white glue pasted neatly.More and flowers, and butterflies pasted.It was very even nothing.I liked the young lady: "What else would come up with this?"

On the same lines were fabricated frame for photos (decorated with satin ribbon and

fittings), organizer (glued a small cardboard box), and replaced the old lampshade.And it went ...

"Well - you say - it's just a fairy tale, in life there is no such right, even a notebook or a frame, but to a sofa or a suitcase, this is too much.!"But no!Everything is real!

Patchwork History

Today we are going to remodel old jeans into home furnishings (and not only on that later).Properties denim allow the use of its products even in the summer at the cottage.Practicality.Eco-friendly.Pretty.

1. Cutting the leg, you can make a normal pillow, decorated with appliqué and fabric flowers.A tailor a lot of small squares and joining them "checkerboard" get-dumochki cushions for garden chairs.

2. From these squares, as well as any other geometric shapes can be stitched bags.Sew the two pieces of fabric of denim on the patterns.Then, - fabric together, sew the zipper and sew the handle.

3. Suitcase.Cut two large rectangle (or sew small pieces), between them sewn wide band - the base of the suitcase.Below, you can flash the leather for durability and pierce riveting - "legs" suitcase.Further, like bags, sew the zipper and sew the handle.It can be more dense - of serge ribbon with fabric cover for comfort.(See. Photo)

4. The same sofa ... So we got to the big things.And nothing complicated - from the same small parts stitched fabric (as cover).Then it is possible to attach the furniture stapler to on the back of the sofa does not move out.And on the handles, you can simply throw (these places are increasingly polluted - it is easier to wash).In our case, for more softness stitched denim mattress.(See photo.)

And you said - a fairy tale!Ladies-needlewoman able "to make a fairy tale come true."And by the time the train arrives at the station, my husband speechless back, and he still will thank you.No, not for the fact that this sofa he will have to move around the house in search of the right (from your point of view) places.And for something else.

Something More

And now - a small gift for lovers to relax with a book in the hammock.This hammock with his own hands!Not out of tarps and canvas, and again from old jeans.We have already talked about the strength of the material.So, picking up special thread, you can sew a hammock.

Jeans for it is better to cut as little as possible: the larger the parts, the smaller joints.Drawstring sewn below and skip a few cords.We build on these cords on the two bars (you can buy two shanks for shovels in store garden accessories).This hammock that did not work out with you and the book.And then see for yourself how you will fix the hammock - or two large trees (if the cords first in the ring are going), or several.

Well, finally - (no, not a gift, a gift has been) - souvenir.We are the country and come to work.That's apron with pockets and a bucket of tissue.All the tools at hand.Well, if not a fairy tale!