Crochet : Coffee Morning ( Part 1 )

How could I not want the cold morning to go out!Saving of this feeling can only cup of coffee with cinnamon and sun outside.Taste, aroma and color, literally changing the way of thinking.Brew Coffee us quite a force, but the sun will add the proposed master class on knitting crochet.

Master-class on making solar kitchen set: potholders, gloves and cover for the cup.

To produce a set does not require special crochet skills.Suffice it to recall from school lessons, how to knit chain of air and columns without nakida.

Materials and tools:

- Yarn (c / b, p / w, any, preferably thick, vse-taki potholder for hot),

- hooks knitting (the size of yarn - I have a wool mixture (n / w), hooks 1.4 mm and 1.6 mm),

- centimeter tape,

- scissors.

Cover for cup

Let's start with the simplest model to remember that we have already passed the school.Description: The product consists of a dense web of direct Crochet columns without nakida (Article w / n.), And the decor in the form of circles, flowers

of the circle.

manufacturing techniques begin with a circular knitting.

1. First, tie a chain of 3 stitches (photo 1).

2. Close it in the ring in a circle vyvyazyvayut second row (photo 2).

3. When you have finished knitting, pass the thread of a different color, and continue to the next round (to the product does not contract, need to add 1 st evenly through each loop of the previous row (mine is 10 loops yellow and 15 red) (photo 3).

4. The result here is a flower (photo 4).

Now, in fact, cover fabric itself is a rectangle (such knitting is called direct when is the beginning and end of the row) = length of the circumference of the cup (mine is 20 cm) = width and height of the cup.

5. Assign a chain of air loops (I have 36 loops), turn it inside out and continue knitting, making the ascent to 1 air loop (photo 5).

6. Knit thus allnumber and then turn the knitting then enter a different color (I - a darker yellow).. (photo 6)

7. Dovyazat canvas, adding new colors for the button-loop gain at the end of a chain of knitting stitches (I have 10 stitches.) and more knit row.Close row, the thread in the last loop (photo 7).

8. Buttons Contact circle as "middle, flower", taking plain thread.To toggle was stronger, you can knit in the middle of a loop as much as will fit (I 12).The photograph associated loop buttoned the related button (Photo 8).

9. embroider on the finished product stems of flowers and sew the flowers themselves.Case ready.


description. Cloth - semi-oval.Each half, and top and bottom, fit one side straight stitches and the other - the circular.On the inside of the gloves is left an opening for the thumb, which then is tied separately.Ends mitten wide collar with a loop.

manufacturing techniques 1. Link chain of air loops (I 20), knit the first row without turning on the wrong side, knit in the last loop of the previous row 2-3 loop and continue the first number to the end ofbeginning.Thus, it should turn out that on the one hand you are rounded (like the flower of the previous articles), and on the other - Direct knitting, symmetrically with respect to the air chain) (photo 1).

2. Continue to increase the ranks of changing the thread colors.After finishing the top, similar to start the bottom of the mitts, noting the distance to the pin.Knit until finger, turn, knit back.Then the same colors dovyazat piece from the wrist to the fingers, typing a new loop.Tie the two halves together, their pin chips (photo 2, 8, 9).

3. Vyvyazat finger in a circle (I have 10 rows), subtracting loop (11 to 14 series) (photo 3, 5)

4. tied gauntlet cuff (photo 4).Tie a loop, like the cover (photo 7).

5. Decorate with flowers, as well as on the cover (photo 6, 10).Tack ready.

Now small bonus master class - coffee with cinnamon .A very useful recipe (I like).It is necessary (per serving): 1 teaspoon of ground coffee beans and cinnamon sticks 0.5cm also grind in a coffee grinder, add water, bring to a boil.Pour in the cup slightly, and once again to bring the coffee in a coffee machine to boiling.So cinnamon foam is denser.And what flavor!Enjoy your coffee in the morning!Perhaps with that unpretentious set of kitchen accessories you'll want to change the interior of your home, and the idea will always be in our magazine.