Organizers for your children

When your child may not be in the joyous mood begins his duties in school, you realize that the desktop over the summer turned into a landfill is very "right" things and it's time to deal with this.Xenia Mititello in the "Big Book Gift" offers, combining business with pleasure, try to build a home-made organizers.Such kits will be pleasant gifts and comfortable design for training.

From the basics (tightly folded cardboard from boxes, old drawing tube, the basis on which is usually sold linoleum) cut three parts: a glass for pens and pencils height 20 cm, glass for brushes and lines, and stand for table lamp, its height will bedepend on your choice of the lampshade.In our variant - 25 cm. All three parts glued over blue adhesive film patterned wood and strips of self-adhesive fabric with small floral patterns.

in glasses made bedplate, it drilled holes that hold the pens and pencils.The rack mounted lamp rigid structure, which is attached to a wire holder.Wire goes through the hole drilled at the bott

om of the rack.

Shade done so: ready frame is fitted by a blue silk.Along the lower edge of the strip of adhesive bonded fabric with flowers, wire ring with multi-colored beads on top of the beads are sewn in the form of lanterns.Shade embroidered applique - a bunch of flowers from a cotton fabric.

All three parts are combined shelf triangular shape.Shelves cut from hardboard and covered in the same blue film.It is convenient to place all the office stuff.

2nd version

Two cardboard cylinder cut on the bias.The visible part of the inner cylinder in the same colored red and in another - yellow.A small cylinder (height 15 cm) - pencil holders, medium (height 25 cm) - for brushes.Stand lamp 30 cm in height is exactly cut off the top.All cylinders plastered wicker matting.The lampshade is a small tri-color umbrella, it can be fixed from 1 to 3 bulbs mignon.To create a pleasant summer mood desk lamp decorated with bright butterflies.Shelve cut in the shape of a circle.At the junctions of the cylinders it sawn holes, their respective semicircle.Bottom shelf is supported by three legs - colored children's cubes.Rack glued same matting and has a larger effective area than in the first embodiment.

Complements set frame for photos.On small frame size 12 x17 cm pasted wicker red tape width 3 cm. On top of it is pasted checkered ribbon whose ends are not fixed.