Christmas balls with his hands

Decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year - is always an event that brings joy to both adults and children.And, of course, every time I want to hang on to green beauty new toys.Maybe you have an old Christmas balls that need to be restored?

Or do you want to do something simple balls in an exclusive gift for your friends?Try to make a little bit of imagination, and your new toy will be much more interesting than anything that is sold in stores!

you need:

- Christmas balls without decoration

- Acrylic contours

- packaging bow

- decorative mesh

- sequins more colors

- three-layer napkins with patterns

- glue for decoupage or acrylicnail

- golden plastic tape

- PVA glue

- superglue


scissors - brush


1. The ball can be painted using acrylic circuits.Use a combination of several colors.Effectively will look even the most simple lines and shapes.Draw snowflakes traditional way.

2. You can tie around the "neck" of the ball packing bow, matched in color.Sam Ba

ll okleyte sequins in the form of snowflakes and little stars.Use a glue stick.

3. A slightly more complicated way: make a balloon in the "veil."From thick kapron grid cut a circle with a hole in the center.Wear the veil on the ball neck, tucking into the net.

4. On the outer edge of the grid draw a narrow line of PVA glue.Sprinkle it sparkles color corresponding to the color of the ball.Shake off the excess after drying.The bottom of bowl and garnish with sequins.

5. A fun way to decorate Christmas tree balls - decoupage.This application of a thin tissue, which creates the effect of oil painting.For decoupage nice to have a special cloth and glue.But if not, you can use the ordinary three-layer cloth and clear acrylic lacquer.

of a suitable color and pattern cloths cut chosen for the decoration elements.Separate the two lower layer napkins, leaving only the top, with a pattern.Put the selected element on the ball and gently cover with a layer of lacquer.Lac impregnate cloth and glue it to the bowl.

6. Combine the elements of the pattern on the surface of the ball at its own discretion.Complement it glued sequins or flowers, cut off from the plastic tape.You can use balloons to decorate the old decorations, beads, beautiful feathers, etc ..

you will see for yourself that decorate the Christmas ball is a snap.The main thing - the choice of techniques is rich enough, and they can be used in various combinations.Then your Christmas tree is the most elegant and beautiful!