Christmas flower arrangement with his hands

Of course, every woman will decorate your home for the holiday, the more so that the interior decoration for the New Year and Christmas lets you show imagination and taste.It can be already familiar bouquets of tree branches, pine or fir paws, but you can dream up.

Decorative solutions today are often unconventional, for example, to prepare the New Year's ikebana, you need the most simple things and a little patience.And this bunch looks unusually elegant and original.

you need:

- dark blue bottle dry

- tree branches

- masking tape

- bottle with gold acrylic paint

- dark blue crepe paper

- cutter



- thread

- gold cord or narrow ribbon


1. Take 2-3 branches of a tree without leaves.They must be rather branched, long and thin.Use scissors to cut them so that they reached the size of your bottle.

2. On a dark blue bottle, apply masking tape strips.Knife for paper-cut of each band beautiful wavy "tongue".Remove excess adhesive tape.

3. Spray the paint on the

surface of the bottle and the branches, lay pre newsprint that nothing dirty.Allow the paint to dry.After drying, remove the cling film.

4. Decorate branch dark blue roses.For a composition of three flowers is enough.Cut two strips of corrugated paper: one large, the other - to have the first 1/3.

5. Cut off the excess, ugly protruding branches, inserting them into the bottle.Spraying the paint on the threads of the bottle and the spray can, either individually or together.Fold the strips together so that the narrow was held in the middle of a wide, and begin to fold into a tube wide strip out.

Twist tube so that the tape was a bit of a spiral downward.The center should be twisted more tightly.Finished fold, drag bud thread in the middle, then straighten beautiful petals, to get a rose.

6. Adhere to the branches of rose gold cord at different levels.You can leave the ends hanging long cord.If there is no cable, you can use a narrow satin ribbon, golden or dark blue.

7. Thus, out of the bottle and bare branches you'll have a fabulous golden bush with blue roses.But you can dream up and changing color in ikebana.For example, the same composition can be made of silver, then rose to be made from white or blue paper.

If you can not find the blue bottle, take the green or pre-paint.Or you can use a vase of unusual form.