What - scrapbooking?

In the modern form of scrapbooking has appeared on European territory in the XVII-XIX centuries.In English the «scrap» - cutting and «book» - book.This special crafts, allows us to produce and place cards, albums, which show the most important events in the life of man.

also using scrapbooking can make a unique picture frames and paintings, gift packaging boxes.Having mastered such a wonderful technique, you will never have a question about how to prepare a unique and original gift to congratulate loved ones.Such a gift will always be appreciated.

What is needed for a class scrapbooking?

Requires album and photos.The more jewelry you intend to use, the larger must be the album.Decorative elements can prepare your own or buy any clothing store.

important elements in scrapbooking are the direct author's comments to the photos and inscriptions on the cards.To do this, use bright crayons, pencils and markers.

Selection of decorative elements

It all depends on the imagination of

the author.To do this, fit fabric scraps, buttons, various tickets, stamps, etc .. All of this should be associated with the image in the photo, event or person that is your job.

tools needed for scrapbooking

In specialty stores offer a variety of ready-made toolkits.These can be attached and materials for handicrafts.But for quite suitable and conventional stationery:

• PVA glue,

• Adhesive tape bilaterial,

• a set of small scissors with different edges,

• Stapler,

• punch,

• cutters,

•lacquer markers

• pens.

Scrapbooking postcards

course, start scrapbooking to engage better with the manufacture of various cards.Before proceeding to the main operation, it is necessary to determine how all the elements will be placed.Do not forget that the central element - is the very card.So do not overdo it with the decor.For beginners, it is recommended to divide the card into squares.

There are many techniques that give the refinement of postcards ready: aging of the image, for example.

Scrapbooking album

albums made scrapbooking technique, usually preparing for some important and memorable events: wedding, birth of a baby, anniversary, parents, graduation party, a trip with his family to the sea.With the registration of photographs and decorative elements can create a truly unique work.

To decorate the scrapbook album can take advantage of other special techniques of needlework: embroidery, painting, origami, decoupage, shaped stitching, etc.All these types of crafts can be combined at their discretion.


Kardmeyking - so called handmade greeting cards.Currently kardmeyking very popular, as the direction of scrapbooking.These cards feature a unique design with various decorative elements: applications from different fabrics, sequins, beads, buttons, lace, ribbons and even paper clips.

For making handmade greeting cards you can use the paper purchased in a specialty store, but any heavy paper or cardboard.The stores sold paper three types: multi-colored cardboard - kadstok, paper for decoration and design paper.

basis is always necessary to select a base color card.For her ideal kadstok.Also, it will need to cut out the numbers, letters and various figures.Even in scrapbooking widely used watercolor paper, holographic foil, self-adhesive colored paper.It is only necessary to include all their imagination.