shedding cats

Owners of cats are constantly faced with the fact that their pets shed.Each cat sheds for various reasons.And you should be a clear distinction between what is happening with your pet - seasonal change of coat or talking about any kind of stress or illness.

Exactly how much wool cat should lose during the natural molting, you do not say, even the experts, depending on the breed, and from the floor, while females molt degree is closely related to the hormonal system.In addition, cats are shedding excitement or stress - this is regardless of gender.Pathology is when, after stroking the animal in his hand are hairballs.

Why cat quickly loses wool, by their appearance is difficult to determine.Of course, all this can be due to a lack of vital substances into the animal's food, although commercially available, and a plurality of feed with a full set of necessary substances and vitamins.

However, digestion disorders in cats caused by malnutrition or some disease may lead to the fact that not all the nutrie

nts from food to be absorbed.

Just cause hair loss in cats may be the hormonal changes in the gonads, adrenals, thyroid, or cerebellum.In high stress situations, such as after castration, some cats can become completely bald.are diseases such as leukemic infection to increased loss of fur.

Since there are many other reasons for baldness cats, it is important to make the correct diagnosis, so the veterinarian must examine in detail the cat, take the corresponding tests.You should know that hair loss in cats often refers to diseases that are difficult to heal.

How to care for cats during moulting?Under natural conditions, cats molt once a year - in the spring.The animals living in urban apartments, the process is virtually continuous, so the city cats in need of constant care.If long-haired cats are deprived of regular brushing, the hair they awry and produced mats, so they should be brushed every day shorthair cats enough to comb 2-3 times a week.

Combing and brushing provide not only a beautiful and pure wool, but also help to improve blood circulation and hair growth.To accustom the cat scratching need to gradually, starting with small sessions.Movement should be smooth and neat, and the gently try to talk to the cat, the animal is not disturbed.

For regular care of longhaired cats used rare or medium rubber comb and care shorthair cat - and bristle brush.