Christmas crafts : Christmas balls in a patchwork technique

This year among lovers of needlework came in the face to create a patchwork of Christmas balls, called "artichoke".This technique is incredibly beautiful, because the Christmas tree balls are created from patches of all colors and shades.And toys are obtained unusual, stylish and spectacular.

Christmas balls can be made plain, two-tone and even colorful - it all depends on your imagination and ideas about what should be a Christmas tree.

Technique "Artichoke" is in a certain consolidation of the material so that the pieces used in the form satin ribbon corners that are pinned using needles to spherical workpiece.The scales are well hidden under a new layer.Get creative toys, unusual and unique.

to create such toys are needed:

- Styrofoam balls;

- satin ribbons;

- needle Tailor (in large quantities);

- scissors.

Making Christmas balls in a patchwork technique "Artichoke┬╗

For the manufacture of the ball take a blank - a ball with a diameter of 7 cm;satin ribbon in two colors (chocolate, beige

) by three meters each color.Take a tape with a small margin, because sometimes three meters of tape may not be enough.Skilled needlewoman argue that a ball with a diameter of 8-10 cm, need about 6,5 m tape.

for the proposed ball, you can use a satin ribbon width of 16 mm.However, for balls with a diameter of 8-10 cm the optimum tape width - 18-20 mm.

tape must be cut into pieces 3-4 cm. Each piece should be folded and attached separately.

In the center of the ball you need to attach a piece of satin needles.After that, you must take one of the pieces cut and fold trim a triangle.Size Satin triangle determined by the width of your chosen tape.

Using needles need to be attached to a piece of the ball, folded triangle so that its tip was in the middle of the ball.So it turns out the first row.

The second row is a stacking colored satin triangles in staggered rows.

Then attach each subsequent row in the same way, do not forget to comply with the checkerboard pattern of beige and brown belts.

Now carefully fill in the blank surface satin triangles until the entire ball is covered.

Try to keep all the triangles have the same size.In addition, they need to be folded flat and attach them to the ball so that gently overlap the previous layer and hide under a cloth cap needles.

If you make balls with the children, immediately explain to the child, understand the whole process of making toys and tried to do everything correctly and accurately.

When your harvesting will be completely covered with beautiful satin triangles, you will need to make a loop to the ball can be hung on the Christmas tree.

For loops, you can use velvet braid - needles pin it to the ball.And now, the toy can be hung on the Christmas tree.If you have the time and inclination, you can make a set of Christmas tree balls, and then your Christmas tree, decorated with these exclusive toys, will be the most stylish and original!

The process of creating these beads can be trusted, and the child, the more that the technique is new, creative, interesting and fascinating.You can experiment and take Christmas ribbons of different colors.It turns out very fancy and colorful beads.