As with their hands to make Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

New Year is approaching, so the New Year under the little tree must show off Santa Claus.And it would be great if you make toys with their own hands.It's easy - even children cope with this kind of work!

So, for the two figures need:

- two bottles of yogurt;

- wool and cotton pads;

- cotton balls;

- paste;

- art supplies (paints, brushes, scissors, glue);

- pasta in the form of stars;

- PVA glue.

First we need to cook the paste.To do this, 1 spoon (tablespoon) of starch to dissolve in a small amount of cold water and pour, stirring constantly in 250ml boiling water.It is necessary to bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil.Then, the paste should be cool.

How to make Santa Claus

After cooling paste you need to take cotton balls, cotton pads, dip them in flour paste and spread out on a plate.After drying, they are easily separated.

Some details of the future of toys is necessary to form before drying, for example, a sleeve.So, you need to make the blank: the head of a cotton ball, a c

one both sleeves coats for Santa Claus, one-half of a cotton ball - cap.Next, you need to paste over a bottle of yogurt cotton pad with the help of glue.

After drying, all the details, you can start to paint them.From Gouache paint is better to choose - it is well applied, opaque, hiding small irregularities in the sheepskin coat.This work can be entrusted with the child.

After drying you need to connect all the cooked parts: torso, head, hat using PVA glue.After this coat to decorate cotton.Of wool do collar and sleeves, hat, beard and mustache, a red nose.

Optionally, on the coat of Santa Claus can be stuck snowflakes as decoration.To do this, take the pasta in the form of stars, paint them white, gold or silver paint and glue to the sheepskin coat after drying.

To make the staff, you need to take the usual sprig, painted in golden color, or wrap with foil.At the end of the staff should show off an asterisk, also painted in golden color.

bag with gifts can be made of corrugated paper of the corresponding color.It is necessary to cut out a square 20x20 cm. With three sides to bend the paper inside, folded in half and glue the square bag.Bag to fill with cotton wool to tie his beautiful ribbon and glue to the hand of Santa Claus.

How to Make Snow White

same materials needed for the manufacture of the Snow Maiden, as for Santa Claus, but still need woolen yarn yellow.

Bottle of yogurt should be pasted cotton pad with the help of glue.On the neck should also stick a cotton pad to further it easier to glue the head.

Now we need to make the head and out of cotton balls, processed and paste of dried, cap.Hands can be made of cotton disc, rolled into a cone, soaked in the paste, and well-dried.

After drying all the parts need to be painted.After drying, gouache, paint the cotton ball in pink and draw the face of the Snow Maiden.

hair and plait fabricate of yellow thread and glue with white glue to his head, and put a cap on top of the braids.

All clothes Snow Maiden decorate cotton, white snowflakes (pasta, painted white).Next, connect the left Maiden head to the body.

Lovely character figurines New Year Santa Claus decorate any tree.A children creative process will take a pleasure, all the more so in the winter holidays, and with them, and you will have time to do crafts!