Crafts for Valentine's Day

Today it is difficult to imagine life without a holiday - Valentine's Day, which is celebrated on 14 February.Lovers are waiting with impatience this holiday, prepare gifts, declarations of love.And very often in this day men offer a hand and heart of his beloved.

Valentine's Day is celebrated not so long ago in our has nothing to do with religion, although it is called the "Valentine's Day".There are many legends about the holiday of lovers.According to one of them, St. Valentine was the patron of all lovers.He was born in the city of Terni, near Rome, in the III century BC.e.The Christian church was a bishop, Saint Valentine has practiced medicine, conducted the research.

One of the legends testifies that the bishop has helped make love letters, reconciled quarreled young married couples, bailed them out of trouble, secretly crowned couples and thus violated the emperor's decree.For lovers secret wedding, he was arrested and imprisoned.

Bishop Valentine was executed on February 14 i

n the year 496, by decree of the Roman Pope Gelasius.Later on February 14 announced the Valentine's Day.For many, this day has become a symbol of great love, not by chance that it is called the Day of lovers.

The Church in the old days did not approve of the celebration of this day, and a ban on its holding.Since then, and began on Valentine's Day, writing secret love notes - "Valentine".And today, this day is celebrated all over the world love.About

tradition to give gifts

Many, long before the festival, concerned with the question: "What to give?"A gift made on this day, allows the lovers to express their true love.A timid Valentine's Day, helping to meet, express their feelings.Therefore, choosing a gift - a great responsibility

Gifts for Valentine's Day should be small, but beautiful and original.The main thing - to please the closest person in the world - it's a giver, and takes great pleasure.After all, the best part of life - to give love and happiness to others.On Valentine's Day you can give and any sweets, for example, a cake in the shape of a heart or candies in a festive box.And, of course, every girl will be pleased to receive a gift of flowers.

Crafts with their own hands for Valentine's Day - Valentine

obtained in the Valentine's Day tiny little presents and valentines - hearts with love declarations - certainly deliver a lot of joy to everyone.In the stores before the holiday selling a variety of valentine - greeting cards and boxes, toys, souvenirs, and even a pillow in the form of hearts.You can choose any gift, the main thing - the feeling with which you will present it.

But you can make valentines and with their hands, such as hearts, made of felt or construction paper in the form of envelopes.And invest in them a love note or a pleasant trifle.Do not forget that Valentine's Day can give a valentine and relatives, and good friends, telling the most about your warm attitude towards them.

How to make a postcard with your hands, valentine

Buy Valentine is not difficult, but it is better to do it with his own hands, because in such a postcard enclosed a piece of your soul.Let the hand made valentine obtained are not as bright and colorful as the factory, but after such a gift - from the heart.He breathes love and gives a lot of joy lover or beloved.

For making valentines you will need the following materials:

- paper in two colors: pink and pale pink;

- Satin ribbon, white;

- tapes "bindweed" pink;

- pink felt;

- white beads;

- glue "Moment universal";

- scissors, curly and ordinary.

Making Valentines

first fold a sheet of paper, soft pink color, half.

Glue braid "bindweed", top and bottom, departing at 1 cm from the edge.

Cut the heart out of pink paper, and glue in the middle, use curly scissors.

Then, paste the heart, obliquely, white ribbon.

of felt cut 3 circles - it will be roses .. You can make circles of different sizes.

Then you need to cut each circle in a spiral.

to get a flower, gently fold the circle in rosettes, from the edge to the center.The finished rosettes should be glued.

Our rosette ready.The following roses are made in the same way.

If you find the green felt, it is possible to cut the leaves.

glued roses on a postcard, or rather on the ribbon.In the center of each rosette is fixed by means of adhesive bead.

On 3 beads can be stuck in the upper left corner and the lower right corner.So card will look more elegant.

So get yourself a real postcard Valentine, left her to sign.And that's what you write will depend on you.

And, most importantly, that it was coming from the heart words - then and Valentine will be present!You will be pleased to give it to the person to whom you have tried!

Let your Valentine's Day celebration will be special.