How to make a panel of artificial flowers with his own hands

Today popular needlework was handwritten manufacturing panels made of artificial flowers.Beautiful and stylish panels fit perfectly into the interior, and besides, it's the perfect gift!

Of course, the panel can be made of any materials at hand.However, artificial flowers - not only the most popular and beautiful, but also comfortable material for the job.

What is needed for the creation of a panel of artificial flowers?

Surely, every skilled worker has a stock of corrugated paper or velvet, beads and wire, and even ready-made artificial flowers.

If still on hand there were no flowers, you can make them yourself, using the means at hand.

So, for panels, you will need:

• Paper office color;

• corrugated paper;

• velvet paper;

• butterfly;

• cardboard;

• wire;

• beads;

• rolls of paper;

• PVA glue Moment gel;

• acrylic paint;

• lacquer "Tsapon".

procedure of manufacturing panels

So, for undertaking, it is necessary to make the required blanks.To produce one cornflower need to cut pap

er blank three first parts forming the flower itself.Then cut out a few pieces of the second part to create leaves on the stem.With Bulka need to bend parts-petals.Formed midway through dark blue beads.

After cooking, all the petals and leaves of cornflowers, you need to prepare your items for a pink flower.For one rose flower need two parts of the first and second parts 2 to create a bud, two fourth parts to form a center and a few third parts for the leaves on the stem.Furthermore, it is necessary to supplement midway through the yellow strips of paper of 1 cm, and cut into fringe twisted into a tube.In the middle of a flower you need to drop a little "Moment" glue and hold the middle of a fringe of that it fell on its side.

To create the required details of a yellow flower 2 pieces №1 and №2 one-piece parts.To prepare the leaves cut out detail №3 in several copies.Middle, formed by a piece of wire wrapped into a "snail" and crumpled into a ball.

For the manufacture of poppies can be cooked on one piece parts №1-4, or use only the largest piece.Seredinku form using black wire brush collected.This wire should be wrapped yellow fringe, made of paper necessary shade.In the middle of the details you need to make a hole for the wire.

When forming the wire stems need to wrap the corrugated paper.On a sheet of cardboard glued velvet sheet of paper to enhance the strength.Then, gradually going to the composition.

Tubes from the newspaper for the frame should be tight fold, seal and paint with acrylic paint and then cover the top varnish.Then he is going to the frame, and stick butterfly.