ribbon embroidery : the choice of materials , the basic stitches

ribbon embroidery again today become one of the most fashionable activities for handy people.Romantic floral embroidery motifs enjoyable by quite easy.Worked on the development of basic types of joints like embroidery, you will know in just a few hours to embroider his own gift or to decorate your home with beautiful and original features.

But in order to get started, let's take a closer look at this amazing art

Tools for creating a masterpiece belt


Today you can find needles of various types and sizes in store for seamstresses or handy people.To embroider belts, use sharp needles, which means freely enter into the thickness of the fabric without leaving it spoil the whole picture of ties.

eye of the needle should be of such a size that the tape it does not contract and curling.The tape should easily enter the eye of a needle and slide freely on it.

It is widely and correctly picked up a needle would prevent ruptures.Together with ribbons 7, 9.12 millimeters in width used needles

numbered 18-22, and the tape is 3 millimeters safely combined with a needle at number 24.

gilded type of specialized needles have a galvanic coating that protects the instrument from the appearance of acidprecipitates, resulting in rusting process needles.Rusty Needle bad slides on the fabric, besides stain fabric, so the golden needles - it is the best choice and quality.


today in shops and stores is incredible and an amazing assortment of colorful variety of tapes and ribbons, ribbons for embroidery but still emit only two major groups of such products: this is the tape that can be subjected to the process of washing and decorative ribbons.

tapes and ribbons, which, if necessary, can be washed, made from high-quality fabric and with an edge.On the reels, which produced such a tape, you can always find recommendations for washing conditions.

Ornamental varieties of tapes are used only for decoration.Most of these belts are made without edges and without ribbons.The edges of the decorative ribbons just compacted, to avoid unraveling.

Silk ribbons are the most popular for creating embroidered paintings, they are available in a large range of different widths and colors.These ribbons can embroider on the basis of any type of tissue.

belts certain colors, before you work with them, to be wet.But, unfortunately, the real silk ribbon in the stores do not meet often, and usually needlewoman embroidered ribbons of organza or satin.

main varieties of stitches

There are many types of stitches, there are those that are used in various embroidery types, but we will talk about those stitches that are used only in the embroidery done by ribbons:

Stitch straight

Fabric is piercedfrom the inside, and then the needle again pierced the tissue at the desired distance, and the tape appears on the wrong side.Pay attention to the fact that the tape in the process is not twisted.


Give the necessary tape, and, holding it so that it will prevent twisting, using the fingers back on the fabric inside out.Spread with a needle loop gain, and drag the needle to the right side of your work.This method scatters loops on fabric.

Gossamer or rosette

This stitch - one of the favorites for handy people.And there are a large number of works in which the stitch - the basis of all drawing.

Embroider the star using strings in one tone with the selected tape.Remember that it must be done very carefully, because it affects the quality of work tapes.

Make a ribbon knot and drag it to the face in the center of the sprocket.Thread the needle under the nearest stitch and skip the next.And so and continue to spin a web, passing through one stitches.Pay attention to the fact that the tape is not too stretched, then rose to be more voluminous.Spin a web is, until the stitches are not completely fill the star, and then the tape should be transferred to the wrong side and fasten it.

There are many opportunities to create masterpieces of the tapes.You can use the presets, which has everything you need to find schemes on the Internet, use your own imagination or use the video master classes other needle women, some of which are shown below.