Plate " Strawberries " : handcraft in decoupage technique

remarkable interior decoration for the holiday home will serve as an ordinary glass plate.Follow decor decoupage technique, and ugly consumer goods turn into an exclusive product.This plate can be hung on a wall or use a fruit, candy and much more.And if you're trying to come up with a gift, the best ideas you will not find.

you need

• plate of transparent glass;

• three-ply paper napkins with floral pattern and butterflies;

• glue or decoupage glue PVA;

• krakelyurny nail the first group of two-component;

• Acrylic varnish colorless;

• Acrylic paint: white and green;

• pastel black;

• Glass marker;

• swab of cotton cloth;

• scissors;

• Brush paint, glue and varnish, including foam rubber.


Locate decoration on the plate surface.Identify the reasons that you have to cut.Cut out the motifs along the contour.Mark the position of the motives.When decorating objects round shape in the center is better to put a major motive, and use smaller at the edges by placing them at an equal di

stance from each other.Degrease the underside of the plate.

Place the plate on a flat surface of the bottom toward you.In some parts of the surface, apply a coat of two-component bases Patinir krakelyurnogo varnish.Wait until the foundation thickens.

Over Patinir bases apply a coat of varnish krakelyurnogo.The layer should cover the basics of stains completely and a small portion of the surface around the spot.

Wait for the formation of craquelure.Tampon from cotton cloth rub pastel.Gently swab in a circular motion manifest cracelures.Rinse off with a layer of varnish krakelyurnogo under running water.Dry the surface of the hair dryer.

Coat education Crazing thin layer of colorless acrylic varnish.Make sure the nail is completely closed, not only the foundation, but also a small portion of the background around it.

After drying lacquer carved motif take and attach it to the marked portion of the surface of the upper side.Stick the motif, using decoupage glue.Also paste other motives.

After the glue has dried, apply at the decor and adjacent areas based thin layer of clear acrylic lacquer.Allow varnish to dry.

Enter a foam brush green acrylic paint.Acting as a brush swab, apply to the underside of the plate at the edges of the paint layer, reducing it to nothing from the edge to the center.

Patinir Try to apply an even layer of foundation, keeping the edges to zero.Since cracks are the edges thinner, it looks more natural.When flushing the layer of varnish krakelyurnogo try not to touch the surface of your hands: you can damage the base layer.Allow the paint to dry.

Apply on the entire surface of the plates brush foam layer of white acrylic paint, covering a layer of green.You can first apply a coat of white acrylic paint, covering the central part of the plate and reducing the intensity of staining is not from the center outwards.In this case, the second and subsequent layers follow green acrylic paint.

Again let the paint dry.

Just apply subsequent layers of white acrylic paint as long until you get a uniform coloring.

After drying, apply 1-2 coats onto the surface of a colorless acrylic varnish.

Do not forget to remove the markings from the top side of the plate using a swab with alcohol-containing liquid.