Christmas toys with their own hands

If you are going to celebrate New 2015 in nature or in the country, the toys for the Christmas tree, you can make your own hands.It will look stylish and impressive Christmas tree, decorated with multi-colored gift box.

shape and size of the boxes can be selected independently.And, besides, some boxes you can put Christmas surprises for your guests.

To work required: cardboard, bright fabric, packaging or decorative paper, satin ribbon, packing bows, glue stick, tape, scissors.


Make cardboard boxes scan, as shown in the photo.For convenience, make the knife folding paper ruler shallow incisions in the fold areas.

Fold the box and glue it.Capsule should be a cube with walls width of 4-5 cm If you wish, you can make different boxes:. Round, rectangular.

Wrap the box in fabric or paper - packaging or decorative, intended for application.To fix the tissue you might want to narrow scotch.

To produce the most boxes, you can use decorative cardboard with stars, stripes, snowflakes and


For boxes in the shape of a cube cut from cloth or paper square with a side of 16-20 cm. Put the box in the center of the square, wrap it, securing with tape as wrapping material.

Rounding box, carefully flatten the folds.The fabric on the box does not puff up.In the end, if necessary, cut off the excess, but if you correctly calculate the size of a tissue or paper, should not remain surpluses.

finished packing and secure it with a small piece of adhesive tape.Bow will be mounted in the place where the fabric or paper in a bun.You can tie up the box crosswise narrow satin ribbon and make a bow on top, leaving long ends.Use a glue stick.

The completion of box decorated with a bow packing.Pre-attach the gluing in place a narrow ribbon bow on which to hang the box.

number of Christmas toys depends on your Christmas tree size.And yet, do not try to make toys is very small - medium size boxes will look more impressive, especially if you have to set off their Christmas garlands.