Family budget : thrifty housewives are not born - they are

The house has counters for all devices.Control eaten foods affects all, including the cat Muska.Eating out is possible (well, except Muska).Almost every evening busy preparing proper homemade food.In the remaining free time, knit and embroider gifts for friends ...

studying the literature on the compilation of the family budget, it draws such a picture.Is it so?

women tend to spend money on "self, favorite," that is, perfumes, cosmetics, all sorts of gadgets for the home.So, becoming a young wife, she suddenly finds that all these purchases are included in the section "unnecessary things".But some iron zagogulka car husband somehow falls into the section "Required".Where's the justice?

So, first, you need to prioritize what is more important for your family.Secondly, to have the same recommended that all notebook costs and revenues (or download).It can really come in handy.Why, you learn on.

How it all began, or search for "black holes"

turns out, there is little good money, you need to be able t

o spend more correctly.Each family has its own way of life, according to which the costs are planned.Some people like to travel light, without thinking about their daily bread;some prefer to meet friends, evenings in the company of the same interests;someone is willing to spend all of the funds earned on a favorite hobby, and someone just nice to sit alone in silence, savoring flavorful dishes.

All share common expenses, which we call "black holes", because it is in them and lost our money:

- food, food away from home;

- payment for utilities, Internet, telephone, etc .;

- current expenses (hygiene products, detergents, etc.);

- clothing, footwear, home furnishings;

- recreation, travel;

- guests, domestic holidays, gatherings with friends, gifts;

- transport.

You can add some of his points.

My husband and I have added "unnecessary things" - it is something without which you can do without, and "necessary" - that is so needed at this time that can be spent in a piggy bank.Most it turned out that our views on the correlation of these two sections are completely opposite.I had to compromise.Objects of my makeup and "all female things" were equated in value to every piece of iron for the machine, without which it claims "will not go".By long evidence that without my stuff, and accordingly, the mood, will "not go," I said.

Home Bookkeeping

Writing income pay day, every day are making these points for reports expended money (I just folded checks).At the end of the month we are counting debit and credit, look where spent too much.I got:

- under the heading "Power" a lot is spent on eating out, it's lunch in the cafe, gatherings with friends;

- under the heading "Fees" everything is fine, since the counters actually can save, and consumer electronics class was bought immediately and a minimum water energopotreblyaemosti;

- Detergents I was trying to save, create some means for people's recipes, but they are not by washing, and I gave it up.My recipe: buy two expensive equipment - for kitchen and sanitary ware, instead of a heap of all-different.Moreover, the composition of the same.For stiralki - only powder recommended by the manufacturer, so as not to have to change the typewriter.That it was cheaper - just take a great package;

- on clothes, shoes somehow no tension.Buy as needed.Sometimes something sew a friend's designer, something that "design" itself (such as in the photo in the style of "boho").Interior items - a separate issue, my hobby, so there are no extra expenses.(I think so);

- under the heading "Activities" long kopilos quickly and spent a short period of time.Tours, of course, bring joy, but to save money all year to pull all ten days - is not an option for a young couple.So we sold my car and bought a house for a holiday in the countryside.At the same time saved twice in the "Transport".Although spending on her husband's car seemed even increased.(This again I think conflict with her husband is not there, because this is neutralized section "Interior items".);

- under the heading "Home Holidays" takes a lot of money, but then we go to visit, and we give gifts.Therefore, if properly organize all this, it turns into a pleasure, and the costs are justified.

How to save?

most difficult section was food for me.So much of any tips, recipes that went head around, especially considering that I do not really like to cook.No, I can, of course, but for the sake of the holiday, some event.Or a romantic dinner.And to the whole day at the plate to cast spells - too tedious.But that does not make for the sake of her beloved husband and save the family budget.I had to cook all sorts of semi-finished products, soups, every day is different, and dumplings, pies ...

Saving money was palpable, but the time on a favorite hobby, horse training and almost no choice.Then I understood what was meant by "time - money".This is - the two scales.When you save one outweighs the other.

golden mean

order not to turn into a dray horse, and enjoy the savings had to learn how to balance - business plan.Here I was useful and that a notebook with records of expenditure.Journeys, holidays, birthdays, general cleaning, the time for a hobby and training - in short, everything was recorded.reference point was be the case, but not the costs, as previously.A reducing costs, can be increased in another.On the basis of income, of course.

Trek home theater compensated dinner, and a walk along the promenade accompanied by a snack in the cafe.Going on holiday in your own holiday home (already a savings - do not go abroad), gasoline costs recouped inexpensive eco-friendly village products that we bought it at the neighbors for an entire week.This is not to mention the complete rest on the nature, from which the whole week you feel full of energy.

Financial Freedom

check bowl is reasonable to compare the weights: for why should I buy this, so if you need it, and what I then this is offset.Optimally allocate business, we raise the level of quality of life.But do not forget to leave time to relax, to not have the money saved to spend on the restoration of health.

Money - it is only a means to improve the quality of family life.To gain financial freedom, you need to save wisely.Not just saving for the sake of saving a reasonable balance between reducing costs and increasing revenues, between money and your precious time.