Good Buy - saving the family budget

crisis - the crisis, but things grow old, become useless, out of fashion, and if the children in the family, so clothing is literally "burning" on restless babies.And the problem of buying new things regularly confronts mistresses.

Clearly, it would be desirable that the thing was not only beautiful but also durable, wearable, did not lose appearance after washing and worn with pleasure.Ate well-known manufacturers guarantee the quality of its products, the buying in the market or in a small shop, we often get frustrated when we see that overlooked, did not pay attention to detail, and, as a result, recently bought the thing had already lost look.

What to look for when buying clothes

To purchase was successful and long to please you, it is necessary to take into account some points when choosing a product.Sometimes the eye to determine the quality of things can be difficult, and even if the product has a certificate (and all the products that are sold in shops must be certified), some details even h

e does not consider.For example, how to determine whether there will be on a sweater, this is now a smooth and soft, nasty "pellets".And to know this, you should look to the sample exposed on the window, which try on and touch a large number of buyers.

Change pile direction losnenie products, roll up - all this should alert you, or better yet, get to cancel the purchase.If you have time, and you are really determined to make a good purchase, do not grab your favorite thing at once.Look for similar items in other places: in a shop, in the market, compare prices.

On market purchase good that at an affordable price, you can still haggle.Moreover, the successful purchase it is possible to make and market - and there are high-quality and beautiful things.However, here too, as lucky as you can not be sure for certain.

Features buying knitted things

If you buy jerseys, check inside out to avoid it was not elongated loops or puffs.Seams on the jerseys must be stitched double stitched and processed overlocking.

is important to check the stability of the weave of knitted fabric from which the product is made.We knitted skirts and jackets have to be lined, or the thing loses its shape quickly.In fabrics with metallic thread and twisted silk fabrics frequent defect is extendable in the joints and crumbling in sections.This means that very soon disperse the joints, so look closely, not depart to whether the back seam of the jacket or blouse from armholes.

Unfortunately, latent defect often detected only after the first washing or after even longer wear.For example, can reveal hidden prorubki after the first wash: then appear on the jerseys of the arrow in the joints.

Defects jerseys considered its elongation after washing more than 5%, and even detachment of branded tape - label.Then, during the warranty period, such a thing can be returned to the store to exchange it for another product or get your money back.In the market you are unlikely to meet.

Other hostess say, "I'm not so rich to buy cheap things!" In some ways, she's right, because the good-quality high-quality thing, of course, last longer than buying from the market of unknown origin.But keep in mind that your most expensive clothes out of fashion than you its demolition.So be selective - if you buy a thing known to an event for the season, on vacation with no plans to wear it all the time and for a long time, it is hardly reasonable to overpay.The same applies to the children's things, because kids grow up so fast.But office clothes, things for constant wear should be elegant and of good quality - then save unwise.