Pots , mushrooms and leaves : Landscaping with their hands

"No gods pots!"The well-known fact.But that mold and they are not gods, but quite ordinary people, like you and me, let these pots as seedlings to plant decent not ashamed, they know not many.This article tells you how to make flower pots, and other lovely little things at home.Well, not quite, or at home, even not at home, and in the countryside, garden.For today we will do decorations for the garden.

Of what, what does ...

We need structure bonding agent.Ideally, it would be possible to use clay, and then we'll just like real potters.But working with clay - quite a time-consuming process.And our goal - to make products for the garden rather quickly (as we in the country), to catch ponaslazhdatsya them this weekend.So pick between cement and gypsum (plaster), and even better, both in a ratio of 1: 2.It allows you to adjust the cement hardening time of the product (as the plaster dries very quickly).You can eventually choose its composition (adding sand, peat, PVA glue) and the ratio of ingredients.D

iluted with water.Acrylic or special concrete.


To fill the tank, you can use any of the bottles and boxes of juice to the basins and buckets.Depending on the desired size of the product.The form of the pre-lubricated with vegetable oil to cement is not stuck.

Flower pot

manufacturing technology

1. Put the mold in the mold.Lubricating oil.

2. Mix the cement and gypsum powder 1: 2.

3. diluted with water until thick sour cream.

4. Fill the form, slightly lifting the inside to fill the bottom.

5. The drying time depends on the thickness of the walls of the pot.

If you are using unnecessary plastic containers, you can not lubricate the form: simply cut a then discard.

6. When the product has dried, are exempt from the molds.

covered the primer and painted in white color pots can be placed in these small bulbs such as hyacinths and crocuses.

for flowering all summer undersized annuals (petunia, begonia, primrose, violet), it is desirable to paint the pots in a warm natural color from ocher to terracotta.Well, the most stylish version of the application of the pots - no paint.The natural gray color of the stone is perfectly set off succulents.All brilliant - easy!

Baths for

birds now produce pot - not a pot, and a tray for bathing.For the birds.And the shape is unusual - sheet.This large sheet (rhubarb and burdock).

manufacturing technology.

1. Pour a small mound of sand (that was deepening, which pour water into kupalenke).

2. Cover with a sheet of sand.

3. Fill the solution.The consistency of thick cream that did not spread.

4. dry them.

5. Remove the sheet, turn over the pool.It is advisable to cover the water-repellent primer and paint (gray and pink tones or bronze - looks very picturesque).

6. Fill with water and wait for the birds.

Here we come to the garden and sculptures.Produce a simple figure - a fungus.

Gardening figure - a fungus of plaster

We need: the form for the fungus feet (plastic bottle of milk), a form of cap fungus (a small bowl), form the base (flat wide bowl), tinsdecorations.Citric acid (to increase the drying time of gypsum, can do without it).Acrylic brushes.

Manufacturing process 1. Cut the bottom off the bottle, fill it with plaster (can be inserted into the plastic cup of the solution to reduce consumption).Dry them.Cut the bottle and release the workpiece.

2. Fill a bowl with plaster by placing pre-package.Insert the "foot" in "hat."Dry them.

3. Now put all of the fungus in the form of a broad-base and pour the solution.Dry them.

4. Decorate fungus drawn pattern spokes.Glue "leaves" and "flowers".

5. Cover the primer and paint.The fungus is ready.

These are lovely decorations for the garden, we have learned to create.And though it's not quite the real sculpture.Perhaps some even consider them for forgery.Fakes are the true masters, the creators of beautiful creations, "gods" sculptures.It is better to have in your garden factory stamping?Maybe someday your "divine fake" crafts will be called divine.To do this, however, it is necessary to go a long way of trial and error to get the hand and a trained eye, to learn a lot of techniques.By creating a recipe for their solution, and having thought the image of the sculpture, you'll be creating masterpieces ...

Well, if by that you do not try, just create and enjoy!