Difficult children's questions

If you have a child, then you already know how much he loves to ask various questions, and some say it is very difficult, if not immediately come to mind, how to do it.But the children's questions - an attempt to find out the child's world, to understand it, to broaden their horizons, learn to live among humans.That is why parents need to be very attentive to children's issues, not shy away from them, do not cheat and do not invent incredible stories that are soon to be refuted by life itself.

about important things with the kids talk will still have, so it is better to think in advance what form to present to children the important information that on the one hand, it was understandable and accessible, and, on the other, not to deceive them and not to injure the child's mind.If you yourself can not find a convenient form, should consult with child psychologists or read the relevant literature.

One of the biggest topics of conversation with children - is the death of humans.When a child first encounte

rs with this, he simply does not understand what is happening.If you just tell the truth, young children may be frightened and begin to think of death as a bad event that may happen to them at any time.In such cases, children fears disrupt sleep, appetite, and may develop into a neurosis.

why such a sad event for young children, as the death, it is necessary to explain in a mild form, for example, in the biblical version.For example, if the grandmother died, the child may say that she is in heaven, where she is well, and she is watching you from there.The first time the kids will pester you with questions, and then the new experience will supersede this sad event of my head.

very difficult for children is when they first faced with human cruelty.This is sure to talk to your child, tell him that there are bad people in the world.It should be available to explain that people become ill from bad education, because they are uneducated, or greedy, or just sick, and warn you that from such people need to stay away.

kids in the family, among their loved ones, surrounded by those who love them, attentive and caring and affectionate.But on the street, unfortunately, you can run into all kinds of people, so it is important to teach a child not to trust strangers, strangers.But be sure to explain to the child and that the good people in the world anymore, because the child must be not only prudent, but also objective.And scare him once again not worth it, otherwise it will be closed, guarded and non-contact.

Unfortunately, the number of divorces is increasing every year.Many parents, divorce, forget about it for a child - severe mental trauma.Young children can not understand why Dad would not live with them, or why he disappears from view, or appears occasionally on weekends.

first thing that comes to mind children - is that they are bad, something to blame, and so Dad no longer love them, quit.This is especially difficult for children if other children appear in his father's new family.

in a rage with her ex-husband, some women tell the children that their father had gone away, they say that the pope left them and found another family and that his father had died, and more of it will never be.It can not be done, on the contrary, be careful not to shift the resentment at her husband on the children's shoulders.

Take time and talk quietly with the child.Explain to him that the Pope loves him still, and nobody's fault - just so happened that the parents live separately.Agree with the ex-husband of his contact with children, do not let them.

happens so that the divorce is vital precisely in order to protect children from drinking or drug addict father.But in this case do not invent a beautiful fairy tale about dad astronaut who died heroically.The child eventually learns the truth anyway.You do not need to tell the child what is bad and dishonest in his father - the baby will take some of the blame on himself, because he loves it and will suffer from his absence.So, no matter how you treat her ex-husband, in the presence of the child do not blame him for all sins, and not name-calling.

Grown children begin to ask difficult questions about how they were born, about the relationship of man and woman.These situations parents often try to get round.What did not come up with mom and dad, to avoid such problems:. Stories about the stork, cabbage, etc., must have heard all the children.

But parents forget that children watch TV, talk on the street, and their questions will be answered anyway.Only now what ?!Therefore, better yet enlighten children themselves about what interests them.

in order to find the most successful form, without going into details, it would be good to take advantage of the special children's literature, which is popular and very well tells about the birth of children.In the end, you can tell your child that he is "first sat in my mother's tummy," that was not full of misinformation.Believe me, it is absolutely all the things you can tell them honestly, fairly, without unnecessary details of the child.It is only necessary to consider all good, to avoid uncomfortable questions and clarifying.