As we bought a tractor

It was a long time ago - when the trees were big, the sky - blue, grass - green, and our daughter was 2 or 3 years.I very much wanted to buy it, or tractor, bicycle or on three wheels, or something like that - very much like it is!But nothing we did not work - or no money, or in the Children's World has no such toys.

And once again, I call your nearest Children's World and meet me - there are tractors!Yes, but there are few.I realized that, when it's Saturday, and her husband will be able to go with us, longed traktorochki are all sold out, and my child will be enchanted once again to look at other children.

What to do?And money, as a sin not.Remember, before many of the money collected in a bottle of champagne?Dime in the neck prolazili freely.Said bottle to complete a hefty sum.I do not know, I can not say - we all piggy banks fate befell fierce and terrible - we raided them as they start to accumulate.

I grabbed a bottle and began to shake cherished coins.Case dreary and long-term, in the course w

ent even a nail file.But, if desired tractor is on sale, is it some kind of empty glass bottles can stop me ?!I have every penny shaken out and counted the money ... has turned a little, do not remember exactly, but very little.And then I was struck by a solution that seemed to me a wonderful, simple and easy way out.

I put the money in a sock Dochkin, dressed child, and we had to stop porysili.He came trolley.Little child we weighed fairly well, but I trained the movement has placed her on the stairs, and then we somehow climbed into the cabin.The ride was about 30 minutes, my daughter was tired, had a lot of people, I had to take her in his arms and held her in his arms, stand up to the end of the road.

From trolley I got quite tired and angry.We crossed the road and we went to the store.Drag the child's past all the windows could quite easily - summer, hot, worn out daughter.And they came to the right department, and I see the daughter's dream - red, beautiful tractor wheel - yellow, pedals - yellow, black grooved wheels.The tale, not a toy, but is expensive.What to do - you can not retreat!

I told you about the output that I come to mind - where to get money for a tractor.Some time ago, someone from relatives gave her daughter a charming dress, natural cotton, white frills, figure very pretty, but it is not enough she was right.And everything was in the closet, I thought I could come in handy, which will put a toy in it.Painfully beautiful dress was - it was a pity to part with it.That's handy.

I came out onto the street, pulled out of the bag a gift from my daughter a dress.We got up at the entrance to the store - I and my daughter.Misses us the people - no one on our beautiful dress and looks.We stood so for a long time, I do not even start to cover desperation - what do you do?How to be?To leave without buying a toy I could not, my daughter has promised that if it is to stand patiently, I will get the money and buy her tractor.

But here we were lucky, a woman came up, young, 35 years old, beautiful, and her daughter in a stroller.Asked how much dress, I said that as much as it is written on the label - 9 rubles.She looked at me, at my daughter, on her dress, opened her purse and asked: "And, perhaps we need 10 rubles?" "No, - I said - thank you, we need only 9 rubles."And she bought our dress.

say that I was grateful to this woman - it does not say anything.Perhaps she felt sorry for us - my daughter and me, standing at the entrance to the store with his "goods".Perhaps she saw that we are and all are past, here and went, and bought it.

Ran my daughter back to the store, with 9 pieces of paper rubles, and the remaining money coins for 10 cents.Looking cashier I did not describe, but I met him with dignity, and the cashier would not comment.

Punctured check, received hard-won tractor, wrapped in cellophane, and went back to the stop.My daughter was so happy, and then realized that overestimated its strength: a tractor, as it were, and not heavy, but in one hand he had in the other daughter - hard for me.Somehow dragged to a stop, and then I realized that I could not, and a daughter, and a tractor at the same time to push the stairs.He went the trolley, the people rushed to the assault, I caught a guy and asked me to pull the toy inside.

out, I still was able to independently: first landed daughter, carried a couple of meters from the edge of the road and told him to stand still, darted back behind the tractor and heard immediately behind bass frightened a deafening roar.Revel my child tasteful, greedily, wiping tears chubby fists.

rest of the way home we did not hurry, I took off the cellophane with toys, the daughter went, then he sat resting, and I alternately pushed or rolled a tractor with a daughter.

It was a long time ago, and I was 25 years old.How fast life flies - do not have time to look back, my daughter grew up, and I consider photos, old photos taken "Kodak".Once the neighbors took pictures of their children, they made and gave me pictures and our daughter.And the whole thing reminded me, when one of the photos I saw my daughter, proudly seated on his red tractor.

still remember the woman - so kind and understanding was in her eyes.And she always try to repay good for good.And, sometimes, in the shops, when I see an old man or an old woman, who lack a pair of rubles to buy something out of products, nod salesgirl and say that I pay in addition.