On children and myself ...

Oh, how I loved her children when they were kids!I did not cease to love them in this advanced age already.But I could not think that right now I am even more heightened sense will be afraid for them, and constantly twitch - as if something had happened?

I marvel at how even my still missing in life?Until now, every hour, every minute and second, I can not stop thinking about his sons and grandchildren.Here are just a more bitter feeling and with some anguish.Ditch your heart, I know that it is wrong, in fact itself, I have all sorts of psychologists versed thoroughly.I read a lot, do your psyche, but ... alas.It is not so arranged.I know and I can not cope with them.

So, we - mothers and grandmothers - all a bit crazy?Or many?Here arise two conclusions: either we completely crazy, or we, as expressed by my grandson Lenka, "not through the outlet skipped"?Perhaps there are other mothers and grandmothers?But personally, I am not familiar with them.And I would very much like a little, well, just a littl

e be different.

There was a time when I could not understand their younger generation.I remember my first son Slavik was still quite crumbs.I read him the "Moidodyr" and if I were to get to the words "eternal glory of the water!", As he immediately stops me, think deeply and, as yet speak almost not able to, with a finger in the book pokes saying that once again read this phrase.I read it until you're blue and surprised the genius of your baby.Book that he loved.It makes me happy, and I am infinitely re-read him his favorite passage.

It took some time, and I got a second boy, Denis.As soon as he began to speak, I too began to read him the same book.I reach Slavkina favorite words and start to read them in a special way - loudly and proudly: "Eternal glory to the water!" And suddenly, in all its sonorous throat Denis my sobbing.Oh, how I was scared.What kind of inexplicable mystery hidden in these words?Why are they so different reaction from my kids?

shake his Denis, rejecting this knizhentsiyu far to the side.

- Sonny!Synulik my!Synulechka!What, what do you not like it here?

Finally, through her sobs and tears hear:

- Yeah, about your Slavochku in all the books they write, why not write about me?

Lord, she grew up, grew up in this book, the children wanted to raise in my example, but never such a discovery has failed to do.

Since then, his youngest read this book only with the words:

- Forever Denis in the water!

It was then, and this book has become perhaps the most beloved to him ...

What else you want to say?The fact that they are able to invent our children, probably, no computer, no adult genius does not come up.Here they are the real pioneers, and we are their first vyslushivateli, perceivers and connoisseurs.

In this case, it is in this - joy, surprise, extension shower, make-up of some astonishing and hitherto unknown to us energy, they charged us.Come on, mom and dad, future grandparents live long and do not stop to enjoy our children and our grandchildren.