" He's such a slowpoke ! "

«Digger!- Grumbles mother to little son, and even adds - All in daddy "Kid upset - he did something wrong, it's bad, and dad at the same time it caused my mother's annoyance.The child grows up and hears: "What are you going to sit at dinner," You still have not made the lessons "" All the evening clean toys, and is still not finished ?! "" You need to send the death?Two hours for bread go! »

And he is not guilty, that does not know how to deal with two bills lessons quickly eat soup, run to the store, clean room and still have time to take a walk, watch TV, read a book.He - slowpoke!And he is not guilty, that this slow, no matter how hard!And he's trying really, only my mother for some reason does not notice and kept swearing.

Yes, many parents complain about the slowness of their children, that they do not have time, that any action is transformed into the whole story, and easier to do yourself than wait for action from the child.And in early childhood mom tying shoelaces and buttoning buttons on the

jacket, not having the patience to wait until the child finishes favorite dressing process yourself.And the grown-up child took up a notebook with puzzles or nedomytuyu cup - "she'll quickly than wait from helping you."

But reasonable parents understand that a child so not because he is lazy and does not want to hurry - it is simply the nature of the leisurely, it is difficult to be different.So you need to stop wasting angry on so-called digging and help your child organize their affairs well, and that he no longer had time, and he has complexes about his slowness was not.

If your child has very little time to do for the day, consider how you can reduce its load.Slowness of children is difficult to switch from one activity to another, so a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities are not for him.Moreover, and as for school subjects, you have to realize that your son or daughter can hardly keep up straight and well across the curriculum.Apparently, you have to set priorities, even in school subjects and some triples do not pay attention.In the end, it's not the worst, but the child will feel more comfortable at school and can no longer keep up on those subjects that are interesting to him and are easier.

Constant reproaches, accusations of digging, flick comparing with other children and parents can turn into regret the fact that the baby turns into a slow ribbon.Sooner or later, he begins to realize that still does not keep up with their peers and try to stop - he still poor, and unhappy with their parents.

But it is important to understand that the reason for this laziness - a loss to the requirements of the school and home.Therefore, do not scold the child, because he and so not too nice to be always the worst.On the contrary, try to captivate his occupation that does not require fast pace (even lying outside the curriculum).

Sluggish children are often reluctant to take up new businesses.Therefore, you can help your child in school work, if tell at first how to dive into the material (go to the museum, read books on the subject, to play in the proper game).Interest and curiosity to help the child to mobilize their forces.

Encourage children's interests and inclinations.If the slow kids passionate about something, they, with their perseverance, "dig deep".Whether it's history, geography, chemistry or physics - they gradually become in their area of ​​interest very first.And for the child it is important to have at least something really stands, to achieve significant success - it significantly increases its self-esteem.

longer have time to baby, you need to teach him how to organize their classes, for example, to plan time.To get started, try to make with it to-do list for the day and put next to each item during the plan, which will be spent.And at the end of the day with your child check the actual time during which the deed was done.

The most important thing parents can do for their Digger is take it and love such as it is.Do not scold the child for failure, do not compare his achievements with the achievements of other children.Help him find his place in life.It is clear that in the future it is unlikely he will be able to become a successful professional in the areas that require fast response, ability to instantly make decisions, but there are many interesting professions, for example, the designer, designer, programmer, doctor, scientist, etc., whereit your child will be fundamental features, and will allow him to achieve great success.