child stealing

Somehow my daughter dragged from kindergarten toy kitten.Finding hidden toy in jacket pocket, I'm just taken aback the first time - how is it - my child stole a toy!But where some have the strength to not pounce immediately with lashings on the baby, and to understand why she took it.

We sat with her and talked, what would happen if every child will take home toys from kindergarten than children will play then?And is it possible to take someone else without permission at all.The next morning we carried a toy to kindergarten, gave educator and apologized for his misdeed.And a wise teacher, too, did not swear.But on the same day I took the little friends live kitten, which is so wanted a daughter.

cases of child stealing - not such a rarity, because it is not necessary to panic or bring down the full force of his anger and resentment on the child found guilty of such an act.Child psychologists explain that almost every child at least once in their lives took someone else's.And it is very important how t

he parents behave in this situation if it happened with the child for the first time (and we noticed it the first time).

primarily our response should depend on the age of the child.And, before you respond, you need to figure out how someone else's thing was your son or daughter.It is possible that the children shared their toys, so that nothing terrible has happened.Is that to be explained, it is not necessary to do this without parental permission.

If your child has brought some of the items kindergarten, school, or from somewhere else, you definitely need to return the item back.But it is worth thinking about it: maybe you're not too close to the needs of your baby?And brought them to sneak into the house thing - it is the one he has long wanted to have?

If you are in the house there was an alien thing, very important, as you have found it: this thing is brought into the house opened, and the child himself told about it, or you find it hidden among household toys?In what ways your child to master this thing?It is possible that your child, thus, wants to draw attention to themselves or, on the contrary, things offend the host, to show their power over the weaker child.

Note whether the child feels a sense of guilt when a stranger thing is already found?If he is not ashamed and does not regret his actions, we must speak out strongly and clearly: he does not belong to be returned, and you condemn the incident and very upset so its behavior.

But, no matter how upset, outraged, angry parents, they have to remember that only need to be punished, to understand fully the nature of the act, the reasons which have pushed the child to him.Unfair accusation hurt hurt, but if the fact of theft set, make sure you must say firmly that such behavior is unacceptable, but at the same time it is important to assure that you really love your child, even if you do not approve of his behavior right now.

If you managed to make it so that the kid realizes his guilt, be sure to accentuate its attention to the owner's experiences things: how he is bad, etc. And then help your child return the item or toy without undue humiliation (ie the public the presence of other children and adults).It is better to do it alone with the master of things.You can offer your child to choose the owner of the stolen their things some of his toys and was allowed to take her home to play.

It is important to keep calm and discretion, so do not insult the child, do not call him a thief, can not stand the situation in the Court of strangers and all family members.Punishing a child, do not arrange the tribunal, did not ensure that the baby felt ashamed and depressed.And fully understand the situation, then do not remind your child about what happened, if he committed another offense unrelated to the theft.

It is very important not to lose the child's trust.And, of course, child theft case - a serious warning bell that parents think about their children's needs, about their relationships with their peers and the reasons which have pushed a child on such a misdemeanor.