Do you lazy child ?

How often parents complain about their lazy children.Forgetting about what they themselves were a child, they require children constant and vigorous activity, immediate execution of orders, high activity and permanent employment.But sitting around a child who, slowly, as if reluctantly, trying to do something, forgets delves irritates and causes a lot of accusations in his address.

Of course, children are lazy, but because there are lazy adults.Always there is laziness - the cause of your discontent?In the cause of many children's apparent laziness need to look at the child's age.If your baby from 3 to 6 years old, and he goes to kindergarten, then most of his days he spends in the mobile gaming, in addition, a lot of children, noise, emotional stress also have an influence on him.

And not to be considered lazy kid, if the house had reduced activity if it is not in a hurry to clean up their toys or naughty when you're trying to make him do it.For a kid at that age the time spent in kindergarten, a kin

d of work.And, as you for your time, it is too tired, and accumulated per day irritation and fatigue - is precisely the reason that parents consider laziness.

Children aged 7-10 years due to age characteristics simply can not do the same, particularly uninteresting for them, more than a matter of hours in a row.And it is worth considering what extracurricular activities have your student?After a study in school nowadays parents are rarely limited.

Children at this age are beginning to visit the various clubs, clubs, play music, foreign languages, etc. So it is not surprising that home child does not want to sit at the piano or harp foreign words -. He was just tired, and his unwillingness - it is not laziness, but rather a sign of fatigue.

When the child gets older, starting from 10-11 years old, he begins to actively communicate, increasing the range of his interests and friends.And it is clear that children are much nicer and more interesting to communicate, learn what scale or engage in cleaning the room.Therefore, in order not to heat up the atmosphere in the family, make with your child a clear schedule and explain to him that, in addition to entertainment, there are also responsibilities that are not free, no man in the world.

But happens and so that the child sits at home all day, and friends like no, but how to do something - is not questioned.Perhaps this is an indication that the child has had problems.If he is reluctant to go to school, she refuses to do homework, insolent, when it is sent to the store - it may mean that he is not a complicated relationship with teachers or other children.

Maybe his classmates bullied or not allowed to study in full force.And, perhaps, the child does not develop rapport with their own parents, that is, you.And this is very serious and requires urgent action.It is therefore important to understand what exactly is going on with the children, and then to decide whether it is laziness or deeper problems.

With young children, of course, easier.Parents often turn to the child's feelings and wishing him to get something to do, they say Mom upset differently or dad will be happy.As a rule, this method works, because all kids mom and dad - important people in their lives.

But it is much more likely the baby will do business if their performance to bring element of the game or competition.This also applies to making music, and painting and cleaning.What techniques will you use depends on what your child is interested, to which he drew more attention.And, of course, your imagination and patience.

With older children it is easier to negotiate if to emphasize the importance of their actions for the family, as well as pay attention to their success in a given job.Do not hesitate to tell your child, "You are doing it better than anyone," "You helped me a lot, otherwise I would not have time!" "Wow, how did you learn quickly."On the one hand, it is praise, the other - the child realizes that his work is noticed and appreciated.

especially important not to discourage the child to do something.It is clear that not all immediately turns, but be tolerant and patient.Where as it is more important to praise a child for cooked cake, even if he does not succeed, what dress down for the transfer of products, or the desire to cook something the next time he just disappears.A tactful advice on how to bake a cake taste better, it will necessarily take into account in the future.After all, in the end, it is important not cake, and the desire of the child to do something yourself, please you.

The older the child becomes, the more he must have a strong sense of responsibility for the performance of his duties.If he did not do what should have been, for example, washed the dishes, or do not work out the music, it would be fair to punish him by depriving opportunities to play computer game or cancel going to the movies.But the punishment should be adequate faults, and abusing them is not necessary - anyone who hates it, from whom sees only the bad.

And, of course, we should not constantly talk about the shortcomings.The daily abuse and scandals only ruin your relationship.The child may lose even the desire to come home at all, let alone to do anything.Moreover, if you start with three years of repeat child, saying that he is lazy, and this alone prevents him achieve tremendous results - and the child will grow with confidence that he - a worthless loser.

Children perceive itself through its reflection in the eyes of the beloved parents.And if it is constantly blame and criticize, he will cease to believe that he is loved.And this is a problem with serious consequences for both children and parents.