What is good , what is bad ?

Anton was a late child of elderly parents, he was allowed to all.Three-year baby was "quick to violence" that is not on it - bang fist in the face, "regardless of the person": mom, dad, and raised his hand to guests, strangers.He spoke only by fiat tone.If it is not on it - fell to the floor, screaming, swearing, kicking the floor and demanded, demanded ...

"Do not tell your child the word" impossible "does not forbid anything, we bring out of it the leader!"- Said his parents.

for a walk in the sandbox he could not sit still, he always pulled in different directions Anna: "Let's go back, no, go there!"He did not know where, more importantly, to Anna obey his demands.

During his tantrums Anna tried to calm him down, to switch the baby attention to something else, but it turns out that all her entreaties seemed to add "fuel to the fire" - the boy shouted, swore, as he let his vocabulary.Tantrums in such cases could last for a very long time.

Anna - a teacher with ten years' experience, easy to opera

te with thirty young people in the class, and then, coming home after a work falling on the couch in exhaustion.They say in the old servants guilty punished so - was forced to repeat the child all his movements.

Two weeks later, Anna decided: "I'll go, that's enough."But then I wondered: "Did I could not cope with this baby I can not have much to teach it, to try?.."

Re-she decided to start with discipline.As an experienced teacher, she knew that, coming into a new class, the teacher who seeks to give children in their subject knowledge at the beginning of the school year will necessarily achieve discipline, order in the classroom.In such a work environment even the slow learners anything, but flies in the ears and get stuck in your head, but otherwise, the knowledge would not even have good, talented pupils.

Antoshka half an hour standing in front of Anna, weeping in frustration, he ordered: "Get up, get up!"The kid poking into her toy sword.Anna, in silence, took his sword.With deliberate care she viewed the picture in a children's book.

This went on for several days.But gradually tantrums and orders Antoshka getting shorter and soon ceased altogether.The boy realized that everything is useless, as it will require something from Anna, she immediately stops an interesting game and sit in the chair to consider pictures.

When the tantrum tired Antoshka subsided, she immediately began to talk to him, waited for him to calm down and very very first to speak in a calm voice.Otherwise, he would raise the cry again.

On the walk as soon as Anton ordered her: "Let's go there."She took him by the wrist and said firmly: "There can not be, there is a road car."And, paying no attention to his cries and protests, led him in the right direction to her.This is repeated as long as the kid did not know what his demands are useless.Now he quietly played with other children in the sandbox.

gradually forging a relationship, Anna, to her surprise, found a wonderful kid was that Anton!Clever, inquisitive, precocious plodding.Now the boy could safely play, read books.

But as soon as night came my mother, the child of my eyes.He turned to Anna and, with a grin, looking into her eyes, said his favorite phrase: "Right now," pukni "nose".Then he shouted at his mother, capricious, ordered, that is, getting the same ANTOSHKA.

's face mother Anna saw that all this is only softened it, because it's so small, pretty, well, take it with him?

- Did not she realize - Anna thought, staring at the ugly scene - Nurses, teachers in kindergarten, the teacher at school - all the time people in the fate of her child.After all, she would have to live with it until the end of life, and he now raises her hand and insults her.In these hysterics shaken and immature nervous system of the child.

But when Anna tried her something to explain, tell, it is strictly pursed his lips, obviously, she did not like that kind of nurse teaches her how to raise her own child.Perhaps, after reading "trendy" educational research, she claimed that the child should be brought up only one love.

Yes, it is necessary to love a child, he should feel parental love.It is important that he was always drawn back home, where waiting for comfort, warmth, where it always realize regret.But to manage a child in childhood should be the parents, not the other way around, the child - parents.

In relations with the child's parents can not allow familiarity, of relations "on equal terms" when the child behaves and talking with adults as with their peers.

in adolescence or early adulthood, when faced with the problems in the education of children, parents are late to realize that they are not the bosses, their opinions are not considered for their children.

Alone Anna Antoshka always behaved quite differently.A small child knew with whom and how to behave.