"Little liar "

causes of child cheats can be very different, and very often to blame the parents themselves.In some families believe that a child should be kept in severity and control his actions.It happens when parents do not have time to delve into the children's requests and problems - it is easier to forbid, even without explaining its decision.

In such cases, it is not surprising that the child still try to circumvent parental prohibition.And it happens not because he's just stubborn or disobedient.Apparently, it is very important to try to make their own way, and he is ready to do so, even in spite of prohibitions.And, of course, the parents did not know about his disobedience, he sovret.

Most often, children cheat in families where adopted children punished for each offense.And this is done out of fear of punishment.At the same time the child experiences, fears and tries by means of deception to delay or avoid parental anger.And he lives in fear all the time, not only because he has committed any offense, bu

t also because of their own lies.

Flam and children when the parents to them impose exorbitant demands.It is clear that we all want to see their talented, successful, able, collected, but loading the children a variety of circles, sections, additional classes often lose a sense of proportion, not realizing that the child may be can not do it.And it's not always easy for children interested and want, for example, to play music when peers play in the yard.And do not be surprised if you suddenly find out that instead of lessons at a music school your child playing soccer, saying that he honestly rehearsed range.

Lie children and when they lack parental attention and love.And do not convince yourself that you love your child and care for him - not in this case!It is important that the child felt it all the time - your attention to its problems, your interest in its affairs.Sometimes, just enough to sit next to him, to talk about everything that the child in the soul reigned calm and confidence in parental love.And he will not be coming up with ways to attract the attention of mom or dad, writing incredible stories supposedly happened with him and his friends, will not pretend to be sick in order to get the desired share of parental attention.

Lies for children is often a defense mechanism.Not knowing how else can solve their problems, children go into a dream world in which they have everything exactly as you want, which is comfortable and easy.But this means that it is moving away from their parents, it is fenced off from them with their concerns and anxieties deception, silence, secrecy.

To avoid this from happening, you need to constantly strengthen and develop relationships with children.No need to shrug off their questions and problems, even if you are tired, angry, or they seem trifling to you, and do not deserve attention.The process of education, based on notations, teachings, reproach, reprimand and punishment will only lead to the fact that your child will get out and lie to embellish their behavior and to avoid punishment, and another portion of reprimands.

If you find that your son or daughter is cheating on you, do not rush to punish, but first you will be examined together with the child, why he did it.Explain that the deception - it is bad, it is meaningless, because the truth will always come out.Call the child's remorse, repentance - it's much better than the fear of possible punishment.

And yet, if you see that the child is not ready for you to say something truthfully, do not provoke him to lie leading questions.Talk about abstract topics, demonstrate an understanding of and the location and give him an opportunity to tell everything truthfully.