The little " glutton "

Some parents complain that the child does not eat much, while others swear that he always carries sweets and chewing something.And then, and more - not an excuse for abuse and the urgent need to think about food culture in children.

fact that the number of obese children is increasing from year to year, it is no secret.Yes, there is a category of children who have a great appetite from birth.As a rule, well-fed babies grow up in the same well-fed parents.It's genetics, which is difficult to argue.

But sane parents who, for sure, and themselves in childhood and youth are overweight and many complexes about this, should think about the fate in store for the same for their child.And the output is definitely there.It should be a very early age to teach children to eat a rational and balanced way, respecting the regime and avoiding all kinds of snacks, fast food, excess sweets, etc.

these children is important as early as possible to accustom to regular physical activity, for example, written in the spor

ts section or danceclass.But it is in any case should not frighten the child so that he would soon "on a chair does not fit, that it will put on weight."Otherwise, he will develop as many complexes about their weight and appearance, and that psychologists will not help.

But in all other cases, parents should seriously consider and understand why the child is constantly chews and always hungry?The habit of always something there does not occur by itself.Remember, what you do when a child is upset and in tears?Very often, he shoved a piece of candy or chocolate to calm the baby, instead, to understand what happened, and try to solve the problem of children.And the child gets used to that all the bad things you can "seize" something delicious.

And how to feed the children?"Eat more oatmeal spoon for dad, for mum, for grandma.Eat more spoon if you like my mother! "- And in the child's mind is fixed, that the more he ate, the stronger loves father and mother.

can still remember how we pass the holidays, children included.Parents can enjoy a rich table with a variety of delicious dishes, sweets - all that in everyday life do not eat.The child begins to believe that the food - this is the biggest holiday, the main pleasure.

In addition, psychologists say that excess consumption of sweets and delicious foods children compensate for the lack of parental attention.Of course, it is easier to bring the child to work a box of chocolates and sweets to take it, so as not to interfere with a vacation or do business.

It turns out that we ourselves, our mistakes grow small glutton.Doctors have long been alarmed to discover that already have four - five-year olds appears gastritis.And more than half of students have chronic gastritis.

So it is not harmless fun when your child chews everything and has high fatness.While it is too late, analyze his diet, and teach their culture of eating, and do not try to break the rules you set.

Pay more attention to the children, talk with them, to delve into their problems.Even you can celebrate the holidays in the campaign, on trips, in the park or in the woods, instead of sitting at the dinner table.A child from the childhood should be understood that the food - it is a necessity, not a very great pleasure in life.But if he will not have other pleasures, this he did not explain.

particularly important to proper nutrition for girls, which in the transition to adulthood vary greatly because of the hormonal changes are overweight.Weight complexes, inability to understand what is happening to her, lack of parental care and attention makes the girls rush to the other extreme and lose weight the most savage ways, bringing themselves to anorexia.

Children need to love - it's so obvious.But love, not to harm them.You reached for the vase to give the kid another piece of candy?Stay!It is better to play with him, tell him a story, read a book or go and walk.And your child, and you, too, from this will only benefit!